Who Is Christian Nodal Dating? Discover All About Angela Aguilar, Your Girlfriend

Christian Nodal, the renowned Mexican singer with a net worth estimated at $8 million, recently turned 25. He made headlines by confirming his relationship with Ángela Aguilar, 20, via an Instagram video. In his statement, Nodal addressed various aspects of his love life, denied infidelity rumors, and requested kindness towards his ex-partner, Cazzu, with whom he shares a daughter. Here’s a closer look at his heartfelt message and the context surrounding it.

What Did Nodal Say About His New Relationship?

In his Instagram video, Nodal began by addressing his new relationship with Ángela Aguilar. He expressed his desire to avoid gossip and provide clarity to his followers. Nodal said, “I know that many learned today that Ángela and I are involved in a relationship. Since we don’t like gossip or made-up stories, and because I want to respect my former partner, my daughter, and my current partner, I wanted to provide some context for you all.” This statement was aimed at clearing any misunderstandings and offering a transparent view of his current situation.

How Did Nodal Address His Ex-Partner Cazzu?

Nodal spoke highly of his ex-partner, Cazzu, emphasizing that their breakup was amicable. He said, “First of all, Julieta is a person that I love and that I will respect for my entire life. We’re public figures, we’re artists, but we’re not bound for life. Love doesn’t always work out. Our cycle together ended in the best possible way.” By highlighting the mutual respect between them, Nodal aimed to show that their separation was without animosity.

Additionally, Nodal expressed his gratitude for their daughter, Inti. He stated, “It was love that gave us the best gift that life could have given us, the most beautiful thing we could have made together, which is Inti, my daughter, whom I’ll always love and take care of.” This demonstrated Nodal’s commitment to being a devoted father and maintaining a positive relationship with Cazzu despite their separation.

What About the Infidelity Rumors?

Nodal directly addressed the infidelity rumors that surfaced following the confirmation of his relationship with Aguilar. He clarified, “In that relationship, there were never third parties, there were never any infidelities. Sometimes love doesn’t work, and now I’m living a beautiful experience with a woman that I love, with a love that took several years in order to realize, and it’s something that we’re enjoying and that we’re living through.” Nodal’s statement was aimed at shutting down false accusations and providing transparency about his relationship timeline.

He stressed that his relationship with Aguilar began only after his breakup with Cazzu, ensuring there were no overlaps between the two relationships. By doing so, Nodal sought to end any speculation or negative comments surrounding his love life.

How Did Nodal Thank His Supporters?

In his statement, Nodal expressed heartfelt gratitude towards his supporters. He said, “I want to thank all of the people that are happy for me and what I’m going through. I’m enjoying you all in the shows, I’m enjoying my career, my life, my role as a father, my role as a partner today. Thank you to everyone that understands that. I love you all very much, thank you for everything.” This showed Nodal’s appreciation for his fans and their support in his personal and professional life.

Why Did Nodal Feel the Need to Make This Statement?

Nodal’s decision to make a public statement about his new relationship and address rumors was driven by a desire for transparency and respect for all parties involved. He wanted to ensure that his followers had accurate information and to prevent any misunderstandings. By directly addressing the situation, Nodal aimed to foster a positive environment for his current and past relationships.

What’s Next for Christian Nodal?

As Nodal navigates this new chapter in his life, he remains focused on his career and personal growth. His commitment to his daughter, Inti, and his new relationship with Aguilar indicate a balanced approach to his personal life. Nodal continues to thrive in his music career, enjoying the support of his fans and the success of his performances.

Nodal’s message was a heartfelt effort to clear the air about his relationships and to ask for understanding and support from his followers. His transparency and respect for all involved parties highlight his maturity and commitment to living his life authentically.


Christian Nodal’s recent Instagram statement provided a clear and transparent view of his love life, addressing his new relationship with Ángela Aguilar and his past with Cazzu. By denying infidelity rumors and expressing gratitude towards his supporters, Nodal aimed to foster a positive environment for his personal and professional life. His heartfelt message reflects his commitment to honesty and respect for all parties involved. As Nodal continues to navigate this new chapter, he remains dedicated to his career, his role as a father, and his relationship with Aguilar.


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