Vanna White Kids, See Who Are The Children of Vanna White?

Vanna White, 67, known for her long-standing role as the letter-turner on “Wheel of Fortune,” is not only a television icon but also a proud mother of two. As she prepares for a new chapter with Ryan Seacrest replacing Pat Sajak this fall, White took a moment to reflect on her journey and celebrate her family. With a net worth estimated at $70 million, White’s career and personal life are truly remarkable.

How Did Vanna White Honor Pat Sajak?

Ahead of Pat Sajak’s final episode, Vanna White paid a heartfelt tribute to her co-host and friend of over 40 years. During the June 6 episode, she expressed her deep appreciation for their time together. “As this chapter of our lives is coming to an end, I know you’ll still be close by. You’re like a brother to me and I consider you a true lifelong friend who I will always adore,” White said. Photos of their shared moments over the years flashed across the screen, bringing back memories for fans.

What Memories Did Vanna Share About Their Friendship?

White continued, “As much fun as we had on camera, those memories, milestones, and life events we shared with our families, outside the studio, are my favorite … We’ve watched our children grow up together, we’ve traveled all over the world, we’ve eaten hundreds of meals together. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve celebrated.” This emotional tribute highlighted the deep bond they share, showcasing the personal side of their professional partnership.

Who Are Vanna White’s Children?

Vanna White shares two children with her ex-husband George Santo Pietro, whom she was married to from 1990 to 2002. Their first child, Nicholas “Nikko” Santo Pietro, was born on June 10, 1994. Nikko studied agriculture at Oregon State University and currently works as a real estate agent at The Agency. White proudly celebrated his first real estate sale in May 2024, sharing a photo on social media with the caption, “Congratulations to my son for closing his first #homesale since becoming a real estate agent! So proud of you.”

What Are Nikko Santo Pietro’s Passions?

Nikko is a man of many talents. Besides his real estate career, he loves cooking, gardening, playing piano, and painting. He often shares videos of his culinary creations and other hobbies on Instagram. Nikko and Pat Sajak’s daughter, Maggie, are the same age and have grown up together, sharing many childhood memories.

What Path Did Giovanna “Gigi” Santo Pietro Choose?

White’s daughter, Giovanna “Gigi” Santo Pietro, was born on July 1, 1997. Gigi pursued her passion for photography at New York University and now works as a tattoo artist. In a May 2023 interview with People, White shared her initial surprise and pride in her daughter’s career choice. “I said, ‘Gigi, why tattooing?’ She goes, ‘Mom, my art is on someone’s body for the rest of their lives.’ I was like, ‘That’s pretty cool,’” White recalled.

How Does Vanna White Feel About Gigi’s Career?

Gigi’s dedication to her craft has impressed her mother, who praised her skill and confidence. “You have to be so good and confident. You can’t mess up. So she absolutely loves it. She’s been doing that for the past three years and is doing a great job. I’m so, so proud of her,” White said. The proud mom even considered getting matching tattoos with Gigi, saying, “I feel like I need to do that because it’s her and it would be her on me.”

How Does Vanna White Cherish Her Role as a Mother?

Vanna White has always cherished her role as a mother. Her children, Nikko and Gigi, have grown up in the public eye but have pursued their own passions and careers. White’s support and love for her children are evident in her words and actions.

What Lies Ahead for Vanna White?

As White embarks on a new chapter with “Wheel of Fortune,” her reflections on family and friendships remind us of the importance of those close bonds. Her tribute to Pat Sajak and her celebration of her children’s achievements show a side of White that fans may not always see on screen.

Vanna White’s journey from a beloved TV personality to a proud mother celebrating her children’s successes and her deep bond with Pat Sajak highlights her multifaceted life. As she steps into a new era with Ryan Seacrest, her legacy on “Wheel of Fortune” and her devotion to family will continue to inspire fans worldwide.


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