Tommy Fleetwood Wife, Discover Everything There Is To Know About Clare Craig

By his side supporting his many accolades is his wife, Clare Craig. But who is she, and when did the couple tie the knot? Here’s everything you need to know about Clare Craig and her relationship with professional golfer Tommy Fleetwood. As of 2023, Tommy Fleetwood, aged 32, has amassed an impressive net worth of approximately $15 million (£11,666,343), and Clare Craig has been a significant part of his journey.

Who is Clare Craig?

Clare Craig was born in Manchester, England, and has always shared a deep interest in sports, much like her husband, Tommy Fleetwood. Craig’s name first surfaced in the sports world when she became the vice-president of Hambric Europe, an organization that represents professional golfers. This role led her to cross paths with Fleetwood.

In 2015, Clare transitioned from a sports executive to Fleetwood’s manager. Since then, she has played a crucial role in guiding him to success. Fleetwood has credited her with saving his career after he fell out of the world’s top 180 rankings. Her support and management have been instrumental in his comeback, allowing him to regain his position among the top golfers in the world.

What Other Roles Has Clare Craig Taken On?

In addition to her work with Fleetwood, Clare Craig has taken on various roles that highlight her commitment to the sports industry and charitable causes. One significant position she held was as a trustee of the Richard Burns Foundation. This foundation was established in memory of rally driver Richard Burns, who died from brain cancer. Her involvement in such charitable work underscores her dedication to making a positive impact beyond the world of sports.

Clare’s role as a trustee involved raising awareness and funds for brain cancer research and supporting those affected by the disease. Her efforts in this field have been widely recognized and appreciated, showcasing her multifaceted abilities and compassionate nature.

When Did Tommy Fleetwood and Clare Craig Get Married?

Tommy Fleetwood and Clare Craig tied the knot in the Bahamas in 2017. The wedding was an intimate ceremony attended by close friends and family, with about 40 guests present. Speaking about their relationship, Fleetwood told the Telegraph, “It works very well. I do as I’m told when needed to.”

The couple shares a strong bond, and their marriage has been marked by mutual support and respect. Their relationship exemplifies a perfect blend of personal and professional collaboration, with Clare’s management skills complementing Tommy’s golfing talent.

How Many Children Do They Have?

Tommy Fleetwood and Clare Craig have one child together, a son named Franklin, born in September 2017, just months before their wedding. The golfer withdrew from the British Masters to be at home with his wife after Franklin’s birth. Fleetwood announced the exciting news on Twitter, writing, “The most beautiful and proud moment of my life! Franklin Fleetwood born at 12.33 on 28/9/17 at 7 pounds 6 ounces.”

In addition to Franklin, Clare also has two sons from a previous marriage. The blended family seems to thrive on the support and love they share for each other. Fleetwood often speaks fondly of his stepsons and the cohesive family unit they have created.

What is Tommy Fleetwood’s Net Worth?

Thanks to his successful career and numerous sponsorships, Tommy Fleetwood has amassed an impressive net worth. As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be around $15 million (£11,666,343). Fleetwood’s earnings come from his tournament winnings and partnerships with well-known brands, including TaylorMade, Nike, BMW, and Tag Heuer.

Fleetwood’s financial success is also a testament to Clare’s effective management. Her strategic guidance and support have enabled him to focus on his game and achieve remarkable success on the golf course.

How Has Clare Craig Influenced Tommy Fleetwood’s Career?

Clare Craig’s influence on Tommy Fleetwood’s career cannot be overstated. When Fleetwood’s rankings dropped significantly, it was Clare’s management that helped him regain his form. She provided the necessary support and direction that enabled him to climb back up the rankings and secure his position as one of the top golfers in the world.

Her role extends beyond management; she has been a constant source of motivation and encouragement for Fleetwood. Clare’s deep understanding of the sports industry, combined with her unwavering support, has been a cornerstone of Fleetwood’s success.

What Lies Ahead for Clare Craig and Tommy Fleetwood?

As Fleetwood continues to excel in his golfing career, Clare Craig remains a pivotal part of his journey. The couple’s shared passion for sports and their strong partnership suggest that they will continue to achieve great things together. Clare’s involvement in charitable causes and her professional achievements highlight her as a significant figure in her own right, apart from being known as Fleetwood’s wife.

Their future looks promising, with Fleetwood aiming for more victories on the golf course and Clare continuing to manage and support him while also engaging in her philanthropic activities. The couple’s story is an inspiring example of how personal and professional lives can harmoniously blend to create a successful and fulfilling partnership.


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