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The Vampire’s Wife, founded in 2014 by Susie Cave and Alex Adamson, quickly became a beloved name in the fashion industry. The brand was known for its distinctive, feminine, and subversive dresses. Combining sophistication with a touch of mystery, each piece seemed to tell a story. Iconic styles like the Falconetti dress were worn by high-profile individuals such as Kate Moss, the Princess of Wales, and Florence Welch. In 2020, Vogue named the green Falconetti dress the “dress of the decade,” cementing its status in fashion history.

Why Did The Vampire’s Wife Announce Its Closure?

In a surprising announcement, Susie Cave revealed that The Vampire’s Wife would be shutting down. This news came as a shock to fans and the fashion industry alike. The closure was attributed to dramatic implications from upheavals in the wholesale market, despite a period of positive growth and sales. Cave shared a heartfelt farewell on Instagram, expressing her gratitude to supporters and her team.

How Did Fans React to the Closure?

The announcement left the brand’s loyal fanbase feeling bereft and confused. Celebrities and fans took to social media to express their sadness and gratitude. Claudia Winkleman praised Cave, calling her “amazing.” Supermodel Karen Elson thanked the brand for its beauty and femininity, while Bella Freud appreciated the sexiness brought into their lives through the dresses. Patricia Arquette acknowledged the stunning clothes and wished Cave a joyful next chapter.

What Was Susie Cave’s Influence on The Vampire’s Wife?

Susie Cave’s influence on the brand was profound. As a former model and the wife of musician Nick Cave, her unique aesthetic and personal experiences shaped the brand’s identity. Cave drew inspiration from folk art, fairy tales, and mystical themes. Her designs reflected a blend of beauty and darkness, often turning personal tragedy into artistic expression. After the loss of her son Arthur in 2015, Cave found solace in designing, channeling her energy into creating beautiful and soulful pieces.

What Challenges Does the Fashion Industry Face?

The closure of The Vampire’s Wife underscores broader challenges in the fashion industry. Designer Mara Hoffman also recently closed her label, citing unsustainable business models. The struggles of British department stores, the impact of fast fashion, and the economic fallout from the pandemic have all contributed to difficulties faced by boutique brands. The industry is grappling with rising costs, changing consumer behaviors, and the need for sustainable practices.

How Did the Pandemic Affect The Vampire’s Wife?

The pandemic significantly impacted The Vampire’s Wife. Events and gatherings where one might wear a designer gown were canceled, affecting sales. Additionally, the brand faced rising trading costs due to Brexit. Celebrity stylist Michelle Barrett noted that many brands struggled through Covid and continue to face challenges due to increased costs and changing consumer behaviors.

What Does the Future Hold for British Fashion?

The future of British fashion remains uncertain. The closure of The Vampire’s Wife raises questions about how the industry can support boutique brands. Achieving the right balance of quality, innovation, and sustainability at an affordable price point is increasingly difficult. The market’s demands and the pressure on small brands to remain profitable present ongoing challenges. Supporting and sustaining boutique brands will be crucial for a diverse and thriving fashion landscape.

What is The Legacy of The Vampire’s Wife?

Despite its closure, The Vampire’s Wife leaves behind a lasting legacy. The brand’s unique aesthetic and emotional resonance with its audience made it more than just a fashion label. It was a symbol of creativity, resilience, and the power of personal expression. Fashion expert Susie Nelson remarked on the tough industry dynamics, emphasizing that survival requires navigating complex market forces and evolving consumer preferences.

Why is The Vampire’s Wife’s Closure a Significant Loss?

The closure of The Vampire’s Wife is a significant loss for the fashion industry. Few brands managed to capture the sentimental, social, and sartorial value that it did. Its unique designs and the emotional connection it fostered with its clientele set it apart in a crowded market. As the industry continues to evolve, supporting boutique brands will be crucial to maintaining diversity and creativity in fashion.


The story of The Vampire’s Wife serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance required to succeed in the ever-changing world of fashion. Founded in 2014, the brand quickly became a favorite among celebrities and royalty, known for its distinctive, feminine, and subversive dresses. Despite its popularity, the brand recently announced its closure, leaving fans and the fashion industry in shock. The Vampire’s Wife’s unique designs, emotional resonance, and legacy of creativity will be remembered fondly by its loyal followers. As the fashion industry navigates its challenges, the importance of supporting boutique brands like The Vampire’s Wife remains clear, ensuring a vibrant and diverse fashion landscape for the future.


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