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Gary Johnson, a 77-year-old man with a net worth of approximately $1.5 million, was known to his neighbors in Harris County, Texas, as a quiet, polite human resources professional who loved his two cats. What they didn’t know was that Johnson had a secret life, going by aliases like Mike Caine, Jody Eagle, and Chris Buck. He was, in fact, an undercover hit man for hire. Johnson’s extraordinary story has now been transformed into a Netflix movie titled “Hit Man,” starring Glen Powell.

Who Was Gary Johnson?

Born in 1947, Gary Johnson grew up on a farm in rural Louisiana. His father worked as a carpenter, while his mother was a housewife. Johnson led a relatively quiet life in his early years, far removed from the thrilling undercover career he would later embark on. According to a 2001 Texas Monthly article by journalist Skip Hollandsworth, Johnson served in Vietnam as a military policeman overseeing convoys. After returning to the United States, he began a career in law enforcement, laying the groundwork for his future undercover exploits.

How Did Johnson Transition to an Investigator?

In the 1970s, Johnson started as a sheriff’s deputy in Louisiana, where he took on undercover work related to drug busts. Despite his experience in law enforcement, Johnson harbored a desire to teach psychology at the college level. In 1981, he moved to Houston, hoping to join the psychology doctoral program at the University of Houston. However, he faced rejection and instead took a job as an investigator for the district attorney’s office. His initial years were uneventful until a pivotal case in 1989 changed his career trajectory.

What Was Johnson’s First Major Case?

In 1989, Johnson was assigned to a case involving Kathy Scott, a lab technician plotting to kill her husband. Tasked with extracting a confession, Johnson adopted the persona of a biker and met Scott at a bowling alley. Scott confided in him, offering a $100 down payment for her husband’s murder. This case, which led to Scott’s 80-year prison sentence, marked the beginning of Johnson’s illustrious career in investigating murder-for-hire plots. Over the years, he handled hundreds of such allegations, facilitating numerous arrests without ever actually killing anyone.

How Did Johnson Receive His Tips?

Johnson’s tips about potential cases came through a black telephone in his home. Unlike typical criminals, most of his clients were ordinary people frustrated with their lives and seeking a drastic solution. “My people have spent their lives living within the law. A lot of them have never even gotten a traffic ticket,” Johnson explained to Texas Monthly. He noted that these individuals sought a quick fix to their problems, reflecting a broader societal trend of seeking immediate solutions.

What Did Johnson Do at the Office?

Johnson’s work wasn’t limited to field operations. At the district attorney’s office, he spent considerable time working with recording equipment, improving and duplicating tapes for trials. His technical skills were highly valued by the prosecution. When not on a case, Johnson maintained a low profile, enjoying hobbies like gardening and meditating. He owned two cats, Id and Ego, and kept goldfish in a small pond. Additionally, Johnson taught human sexuality and general psychology at a nearby college two nights a week.

How Did Johnson Manage His Double Life?

Balancing his double life was no easy feat. “It’s still amazing to me that he can turn on this other personality that makes people think he is a vicious killer,” Johnson’s second wife, Sunny, told Texas Monthly. The nature of his work gave him a cynical view of human nature, making it difficult for him to maintain long-term relationships. He was married and divorced three times, admitting, “I don’t let many people get too close.”

How Accurate Is the Netflix Movie “Hit Man”?

The Netflix movie “Hit Man” is inspired by the real-life story of Gary Johnson. However, the film takes creative liberties, with larger plot twists and fictionalized elements. Director Richard Linklater explained, “The real Gary did slight disguises but not to the extent we see in the film. Glen pushed all of that to the max.” While Johnson wasn’t involved in the movie’s production, Linklater and Powell used recordings and police briefings to research his portrayal. The film began streaming on June 7.

What Can Viewers Expect from “Hit Man”?

“Hit Man” stars Glen Powell as Gary Johnson and Adria Arjona as his love interest, Maddy Masters. The movie offers a stylized take on Johnson’s life, blending crime drama with romance. Powell’s character is depicted as a master of eccentric disguises, adding a layer of intrigue to the story. The film portrays a fictionalized version of Johnson’s undercover work and personal life, capturing the essence of his double life and the challenges he faced. It provides an engaging look at a man who lived on the edge, balancing his professional duties with personal struggles.

Gary Johnson’s story is a testament to the complexities of human nature and the lengths to which people will go to achieve their goals. The Netflix movie “Hit Man” brings his extraordinary life to the screen, offering viewers a glimpse into the secret world of an undercover hit man.


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