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Steven Gerrard, the legendary former Liverpool captain, has embraced a new chapter in his career as the head coach of Saudi Pro League team Al Ettifaq. While Gerrard has committed to staying in Saudi Arabia until 2027, his family, led by his wife Alex, seems to prefer the more relaxed lifestyle in neighboring Bahrain. This article explores how the Gerrard family navigates their life between two countries, balancing Steven’s demanding career and their personal preferences.

How Did Steven Gerrard Transition to Al Ettifaq?

In July 2023, Steven Gerrard took on the role of head coach at Al Ettifaq, a Saudi Pro League team. His move to Saudi Arabia was part of a larger trend of prominent football figures joining the Middle Eastern league. Gerrard’s decision to extend his contract until 2027 reflects his satisfaction with the role and his commitment to the team’s future.

With a lucrative salary reportedly around £15 million per year, Gerrard’s coaching stint at Al Ettifaq is both a professional and financial boon. He has been provided with a luxury villa in Damman, allowing him to settle into his new environment. Despite this, the family’s primary residence is in Bahrain, where they have found a more comfortable and accommodating lifestyle.

Where Does the Gerrard Family Live?

Although Steven Gerrard’s professional obligations keep him in Saudi Arabia, his family resides in Bahrain, a short commute away. The Gerrards live in a luxurious £10,000-a-month villa in Hamala, an area known for its elite residents, including members of Bahrain’s royal family.

Their Bahrain home boasts amenities such as a private swimming pool and a games room, providing a comfortable haven for the family. The children, Lilly Ella, Lexie, Lourdes, and Lio, attend an English language school that ranks among the top 100 in the world, with fees close to £11,000 per child. This arrangement allows them to continue their education in a familiar environment while enjoying the benefits of expat life.

How Do the Gerrards Spend Their Time in Bahrain?

Life in Bahrain offers the Gerrard family a blend of luxury and normalcy. They are regular visitors to the Ritz-Carlton’s open-air bar, a popular spot where Premier League football matches are broadcasted. Here, they can watch Liverpool games and enjoy socializing without the intense scrutiny often faced by celebrities.

According to lawyer Mo Al Khalifa, a member of the Ritz health club, the Gerrard family blends in seamlessly. “Nobody bothers him because it’s not that kind of place. They’re a lovely family, they come together to watch the football, especially if Liverpool are playing, and you can tell that they are really enjoying life in Bahrain,” he told Mail Online.

The family also frequents the Bahrain Rugby Club, where they can relax and enjoy a more Western lifestyle, including the ability to consume alcohol, which is restricted in Saudi Arabia. This venue provides Steven with the opportunity to discuss football and unwind in a familiar setting, contributing to the family’s overall contentment in Bahrain.

Why Do the Gerrards Prefer Bahrain Over Saudi Arabia?

Bahrain’s more liberal and relaxed environment is a significant draw for the Gerrard family. Unlike Saudi Arabia, where strict conservative norms dictate daily life, Bahrain offers more freedom, particularly for women. This difference is crucial for Alex Gerrard, who enjoys the flexibility to dress casually and explore the city’s offerings without concern.

Bahrain’s shopping destinations, such as Manama’s World Trade Centre and the Avenues waterfront shopping center, appeal to Alex’s taste for fashion and luxury. These areas house high-end brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, providing Alex with a semblance of the lifestyle she enjoyed back in the UK.

The cultural and social flexibility Bahrain provides makes it a more attractive place for expat families. Steven Gerrard’s ability to commute between the two countries ensures that he can fulfill his professional responsibilities while maintaining a stable and enjoyable family life in Bahrain.

How Does Steven Gerrard Manage His Commute?

Steven Gerrard’s coaching commitments require him to spend significant time in Saudi Arabia. To manage this, he splits his time between his villa in Damman and the family home in Bahrain. The 15-mile commute across the King Fahd Causeway is a practical solution that allows him to stay close to his team while maintaining family ties.

In September, Gerrard addressed rumors about his living arrangements by clarifying on a local radio station that his time is indeed divided between the two locations. This setup not only suits his professional needs but also caters to his family’s preference for Bahrain’s lifestyle.

What’s Next for Steven Gerrard and His Family?

Steven Gerrard’s contract extension with Al Ettifaq until 2027 signals his long-term commitment to his coaching role in Saudi Arabia. Professionally, Gerrard aims to lead his team to success and further his career in the Middle Eastern league. His ability to balance his professional aspirations with his family’s needs showcases his adaptability and dedication.

For the Gerrards, Bahrain remains their chosen home base, offering the right blend of comfort, luxury, and cultural openness. As they continue to navigate their life between two countries, their experience reflects the broader realities faced by many expatriates balancing professional duties with family well-being.


Steven Gerrard’s move to the Middle East marks a significant chapter in his illustrious career. While he thrives as a coach in Saudi Arabia, his family finds solace in the more liberal environment of Bahrain. This arrangement allows the Gerrards to enjoy the best of both worlds – Steven’s commitment to his career and the family’s preference for a comfortable, accommodating lifestyle. Their story is a testament to finding balance and making the most of opportunities, both personally and professionally.


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