Steve Backshall Wife Who Is Steve Backshall Married To?

Helen Glover wife of Steve Backshall, a two-time Olympic rowing champion, was born on June 17, 1986, making her 37 years old. Renowned for her exceptional achievements in rowing, Glover has an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million. Her remarkable career, combined with her inspiring journey as a mother and athlete, has solidified her status as a celebrated figure in the world of sports.

How Did Helen Glover Make Her Triumphant Return to the Olympics in 2021?

Helen Glover made history with her return to the Olympics in 2021, becoming the first mother to row for Team GB. Alongside her rowing partner, Polly Swann, Glover finished in fourth place. Although she aimed for a gold medal, she expressed that any outcome would be a success due to the support and inspiration from her young family, consisting of Logan, five, and twins Willow and Kit, three. “If I got on the podium in Paris, I could look at my kids in the eyes and bring them home a medal to see,” Glover shared with HELLO!, emphasizing the significance of her journey and the lessons it imparts to her children.

What Are Helen Glover’s “Non-Negotiables” When It Comes to Family?

Despite her demanding training schedule, Helen Glover has established “non-negotiables” to ensure she is present for her family. This includes being available for school pickups and having flexible afternoons. Practically, Glover trains with her team in the mornings and engages in solo weight training or rowing machine practices in the afternoons. This balance allows her to maintain her athletic commitments while prioritizing her family’s needs.

Who is Helen Glover’s Biggest Supporter?

Helen Glover credits her husband, Steve Backshall, for being a major source of support. Married for six years, Backshall, a naturalist and TV presenter, has been instrumental in her ability to juggle family and training. “There’s no way I could have done it or even thought of it without him,” Glover revealed, highlighting his encouragement and their shared efforts in managing their busy lives. The couple often finds themselves “winging it,” relying on organization and mutual support to navigate daily challenges.

How Does Helen Glover Balance Training with Parenting?

Balancing training with parenting is a constant challenge for Helen Glover. She acknowledges that some days go smoothly, while others are more difficult. “It’s been a real balance, some days seem to go really smoothly and other days you think ‘How I do another year of this?'” Glover explained. Despite sleepless nights and early wake-ups, she embraces these challenges and believes they have made her stronger. Motherhood has taught her resilience and the ability to handle tough days with a positive outlook.

What is Helen Glover’s Favorite Thing About Being a Mum?

Helen Glover finds immense joy in the challenges and rewards of motherhood. She describes it as a mix of responsibility, stress, guilt, and heartbreak, with the highs and lows being particularly intense. “I love the challenge of it. There’s nothing more important and more stressful and more guilt-inducing, and more heartbreaking,” she said. Glover’s primary goal is to make her children the happiest, kindest, and healthiest versions of themselves, driven by her profound sense of responsibility and love.

How Has Glover’s Olympic Comeback Impacted Her Parenting Network?

Helen Glover’s announcement of her Olympic comeback brought her into a new community of supportive parents. Previously not very involved in parenting networks, she experienced an influx of encouragement from fellow parents who understood the challenges of balancing athletic pursuits with family life. This newfound support system has been a source of motivation and solidarity for Glover, connecting her with a diverse group of individuals who share similar experiences.

What Are Glover’s Hopes for Her Children’s Future?

Helen Glover has simple yet profound hopes for her children’s future. Rather than pushing them towards athletic achievements like her own, she wants them to find happiness in whatever they choose to pursue. “Often people expect me to want them to be going to the Olympics, but honestly the older they get the more I truly believe I just want them to find what makes them happy,” she expressed. Whether it’s sports, art, or any other passion, Glover’s priority is their joy and fulfillment.

Could Helen Glover Be on Strictly Come Dancing?

There is a possibility that Helen Glover might one day appear on the popular dance show, Strictly Come Dancing. Her husband, Steve Backshall, participated in the show in 2014, reaching week nine of the competition. Although the idea of dancing on such a big stage intimidates her, Glover remains open to the opportunity. “Even thinking about it now makes me feel sick,” she joked. However, she acknowledges the potential excitement and unique experiences that come with such opportunities.


Helen Glover’s journey as an Olympic champion, devoted mother, and inspiring figure showcases her incredible resilience and dedication. Balancing her professional and personal life, she continues to inspire others with her story. With a net worth of $1.5 million and a legacy of achievements, Glover’s impact extends beyond the realm of sports, touching the lives of many through her example of strength, perseverance, and love. As she looks to the future, both in her athletic career and personal endeavors, her unwavering commitment to her family and her sport remains a guiding force.


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