Shebeshxt Daughter Accident, Daughter of Musician Dies in Auto Accident

Lehlogonolo Chauke, widely known as Shebeshxt, is grappling with the heart-wrenching loss of his 9-year-old daughter due to a tragic car accident. Shebeshxt, who has an estimated net worth of $1 million and is 35 years old, is a beloved figure in the music community. His fans and fellow musicians have rallied to show their support and offer condolences during this devastating time.

What Happened in the Accident?

The tragic accident occurred on the R37 road next to Smelters Mine in Limpopo. It happened on a Saturday while Shebeshxt was on his way to perform at an ANC Siyanqoba Rally celebration concert. The event, scheduled for Sunday at Zone R Park in Lebowakgomo, was set to feature other notable musicians such as King Monada and Prince Benza. The planned celebration, however, has been overshadowed by this tragic incident, casting a somber mood over the music community.

How Did the Accident Unfold?

Shebeshxt’s daughter was traveling with him in his Volkswagen Polo, along with two other passengers. The vehicle collided with a truck and overturned, resulting in the tragic death of his daughter. The other passenger sustained moderate-to-light injuries, while Shebeshxt himself was treated for serious injuries at the scene before being rushed to the hospital. This incident has shocked many, leading to an outpouring of grief from fans and fellow musicians alike.

What Are the Reactions from the Public?

The accident has prompted a wide range of reactions from the public. Many have shared their sympathies and offered condolences, but some have also condemned the act of recording and sharing videos of the incident. One sympathizer expressed, “Stop recording people in such situations. How would you feel if it was you, bathong. Askies, Shebe.” This sentiment highlights the mixed reactions and the debate over privacy and respect in such tragic moments.

What Does the Police Say About the Crash?

According to Tidimalo Chuene, spokesperson for the transport department in Limpopo, the police are investigating the cause of the crash. The accident has sent shockwaves through the music industry, prompting fans and fellow artists to offer their condolences. The investigation aims to uncover the details behind this tragic event and prevent similar incidents in the future.

How Has the Music Community Responded?

The music community is deeply mourning the loss of Shebeshxt’s young daughter. Fellow artists and fans have united in their support for the musician, sending messages of love and strength. This tragedy has brought the community closer, highlighting the solidarity among artists and their followers during difficult times.

How Are Fans Reacting on Social Media?

Fans have taken to social media to express their grief and support for Shebeshxt. While many shared their condolences, others had differing opinions on the appropriateness of recording such incidents. One fan argued, “We are his fans we want to feel his pain too,” reflecting the varying views on privacy and the public’s right to share in their favorite artist’s pain. This incident has sparked a broader conversation about respect, privacy, and the deep connection fans feel with their favorite artists.

What Is Shebeshxt’s History with Car Accidents?

This is the second serious car accident that Shebeshxt has been involved in this year. In January, he narrowly escaped another severe crash when his new Golf GTI was written off. Four months ago, he expressed gratitude for a second chance at life on social media, sharing images of his mangled vehicle and posting, “Otherwise, ‘ke rata kereke I’m blessed by G.O.D!’ Thank you Lordddsxhta!” This earlier incident had already left fans concerned for his safety.

How Did Shebeshxt Celebrate His Recent Success?

In April, Shebeshxt treated himself to a brand-new luxury car, celebrating his success. He shared a photo of himself receiving the keys at the dealership and posted a snapshot of the receipt, boasting about his hefty cash purchase of R505,674.99 on Facebook. This contrast between the high points of his life and the recent tragedy highlights the unpredictable nature of life and the sudden changes that can occur.

What Lies Ahead for Shebeshxt?

As Shebeshxt recovers from his injuries, he faces the challenging task of grieving his daughter. The support from fans and fellow musicians will be crucial during this time. This tragedy will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on Shebeshxt, but the love and support from his community may provide some solace as he navigates through this difficult period.


The untimely death of Shebeshxt’s daughter has united the music community in grief and support. While the celebration concert proceeded as planned, the mood was undeniably subdued. This tragic event has brought to light the importance of respect and privacy during moments of sorrow, highlighting the deep connection between artists and their fans. As Shebeshxt recovers, the support from his fans and fellow musicians will play a vital role in helping him through this challenging time.


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