Sha Carri Richardson Wife Is Sha Carri Richardson Married?

Sha’Carri Richardson, born on March 25, 2000, in Dallas, Texas, is an American sprinter who has gained significant attention for her performances in the 100 meters and 200 meters. Known for her incredible speed and vibrant personality, Richardson has become a prominent figure in track and field. As of 2024, she is 24 years old and has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, accumulated through her successful athletic career and endorsements. Despite facing various challenges, including a suspension from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Richardson has continued to prove herself as a formidable competitor on the track.

Who is Janeek Brown?

Janeek Brown, born on May 14, 1998, in Kingston, Jamaica, is a distinguished athlete specializing in the 100m hurdles. At 25 years old, Brown has made a name for herself in the world of athletics, particularly for her performances representing the University of Arkansas. Her notable achievements include winning the 2019 NCAA Championship in the 100m hurdles with a personal best time of 12.40 seconds, which ranks her 17th on the all-time list. Brown’s impressive athletic career has contributed significantly to her estimated net worth of $1 million to $5 million as of 2023.

How Did Sha’Carri Richardson and Janeek Brown Meet?

Sha’Carri Richardson and Janeek Brown first met through their shared involvement in athletics. Their relationship began to gain public attention when they started dating in 2020. Both athletes found common ground in their passion for track and field, which initially brought them closer together. Their relationship, however, was not without its challenges, and the couple eventually parted ways in February 2022.

What Were Janeek Brown’s Achievements?

Janeek Brown’s athletic career is marked by numerous accolades and records. She attended Wolmer’s High School for Girls in Jamaica, where she started making a name for herself in track and field. In 2015, she became the U-18 CARIFTA Games 100-meter hurdles champion and qualified for the IAAF World Youth Championships.

In 2018, as a freshman at the University of Arkansas, Brown competed in eight indoor season championships and set a school record by finishing fifth at the NCAA Outdoor Championships in the 100-meter hurdles with a time of 12.80 seconds. Her breakthrough year came in 2019 when she set program records in both the 100m hurdles (12.40 seconds) and the 200m races (22.40 seconds) at the NCAA Championships. These performances earned her multiple honors, including being named a Bowerman Finalist, SEC Outdoor Track Athlete of the Year, and USTFCCCA National Athlete of the Week.

What is Janeek Brown’s Professional Career?

Janeek Brown turned professional in 2019, signing a contract with PUMA as her title sponsor. She has represented Jamaica at several international competitions, including the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics and the 2019 World Championships. Despite her success on the track, Brown decided to step away from professional athletics after 2021. As of now, there is no definite information on her current profession, but she remains a respected figure in the athletics community.

What Was the Nature of Sha’Carri Richardson and Janeek Brown’s Relationship?

Sha’Carri Richardson and Janeek Brown’s relationship was public and initially appeared supportive and loving. However, after their breakup in February 2022, Richardson revealed that their relationship was abusive, leading to frequent fights. This revelation came through an Instagram video where Richardson shared her experiences, which prompted significant backlash against Brown from fans on social media.

Brown initially denied the allegations but later acknowledged that both she and Richardson were responsible for the issues in their relationship. Richardson also defended Brown during an Instagram Live session, accepting her part in the conflicts and urging fans not to harass her ex-girlfriend.

How Did Their Breakup Affect Both Athletes?

The breakup between Sha’Carri Richardson and Janeek Brown was a tumultuous period for both athletes. Richardson’s candid revelation about the abuse she experienced drew widespread attention and sympathy from her followers. On the other hand, Brown faced a significant amount of hate and criticism on social media. The public scrutiny added to the challenges both athletes were already facing in their professional lives.

What is Janeek Brown’s Life Like Now?

Since stepping away from professional athletics, Janeek Brown’s current endeavors remain largely private. She previously joined the MVP International Club at the Florida base camp in 2021, a sports tour organization that creates travel experiences for athletes and their families. Brown’s family background is also noteworthy, with her mother, Sharon Brown, working as a nurse and her father, Stephen Brown, being a prominent businessman in Kingston. Brown has a sister and a brother, with her sister also being a member of the Jamaican National Track and Field team.

What Lies Ahead for Sha’Carri Richardson?

Sha’Carri Richardson continues to focus on her track career, aiming to make a significant impact in upcoming competitions. Despite the challenges she has faced, including her suspension from the Tokyo Olympics and her breakup with Brown, Richardson remains determined and focused on her athletic goals. Her resilience and dedication to the sport continue to inspire many young athletes around the world.


The relationship between Sha’Carri Richardson and Janeek Brown was a complex and highly publicized chapter in their lives. Both athletes have faced their share of challenges but continue to move forward with their respective careers. Richardson’s ongoing journey in track and field and Brown’s transition away from professional athletics highlight their resilience and ability to adapt to life’s changes. Their stories serve as reminders of the personal struggles that often accompany public success and the importance of addressing and overcoming those challenges.


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