Sergio Garcia Wife, Know Who is Angela Akins?

Sergio Garcia, Europe’s all-time leading Ryder Cup points scorer, has achieved much in his illustrious career. By his side throughout these successes has been one woman: his wife, Angela Akins. Spotted at golf’s biggest events, Akins is a constant presence supporting Garcia.

Garcia, who has spent over 450 weeks in the top ten of the Official Golf World Rankings, has seen many highs in his career. His wife, Angela, has been a significant part of his journey, offering unwavering support at every step.

How Did They Meet?

Angela Akins is not just a supportive spouse but also a talented golfer in her own right. The pair met through their shared love of the sport. Akins attended the University of Texas, where she played for the college golf team and later transitioned into a reporting role at the Golf Channel.

It was in this capacity as a reporter that Akins met Garcia. Her background in golf made their connection stronger, and their mutual passion for the sport laid the foundation for their relationship.

What Is Angela Akins’ Background?

Akins comes from a family deeply rooted in sports. Born in Texas in 1985, she was raised in a family with a strong sporting pedigree. Her father, Marty Akins, was a former All-American quarterback for Texas, and her grandfather, Ray Akins, was a legendary high school football coach in Texas.

Additionally, her cousin is Drew Brees, the former New Orleans Saints quarterback who won the Super Bowl in 2009 and was named MVP. Angela herself has played golf at a high level, with a handicap of three, showing her own talent in the sport.

When Did They Get Married?

Angela Akins was previously married to golfer Ross Hamann. However, her life took a significant turn when she met Sergio Garcia. Garcia announced their engagement in January 2017, and the couple tied the knot in July of the same year.

Their wedding came shortly after one of Garcia’s most significant achievements. Just three months after their engagement, Garcia won his green jacket at Augusta, a milestone in his career that many attribute to the positive influence of his new fiancée.

Do They Have Children?

The couple has two children, Azalea and Enzo. Their daughter, Azalea, is named after the flower at Augusta’s par-5 13th hole, a nod to Garcia’s memorable win at the Masters. The couple’s family life is often shared with fans, with Angela maintaining a strong presence on social media.

Garcia frequently shares glimpses of their life together, posting about his wife and family. In May 2023, he shared a heartfelt post on Instagram, expressing how much better tournaments are with Angela by his side.

What Does Angela Akins Do Now?

Angela Akins has continued to build a large following on social media, where she shares updates about their family and life on the golf tour. She remains ever-present for Garcia, both on and off the course, offering support and encouragement.

Her background in sports and media has equipped her with the skills to handle the spotlight that comes with being married to a golf star. Angela’s involvement in Garcia’s career is evident, and her support has been a cornerstone of his recent successes.

In conclusion, Angela Akins is not just Sergio Garcia’s wife but a significant part of his life and career. Her support, both personal and professional, has been crucial in his journey, making her an integral figure in the world of golf.


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