Ryan Bingham Wife, All The Details You Need To Know!

Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison, stars of the hit show Yellowstone, have captivated fans with their rumored offscreen romance. The couple has been photographed wearing rings on their left hands, sparking speculation that they may be secretly married. While neither has confirmed the news, sources indicate that they might have tied the knot in October 2023 in Dallas. Here’s a closer look at their relationship and past marriages.

Who is Ryan Bingham’s Wife?

Aside from possibly being married to Hassie Harrison, Ryan Bingham was previously married to film producer and director Anna Axster. The couple wed in 2009 and remained together until their divorce in 2021. Axster directed the film “A Country Called Home,” in which Bingham starred and wrote the theme song. Casting Bingham wasn’t initially Axster’s idea, but his Texas background ended up aligning perfectly with the characters in the movie.

Axster shared with Deepest Dream, “It was not something I envisioned from the get-go and something that he hadn’t thought about. Other people started suggesting it to us. In the beginning, we thought it was kind of a joke,” she said with a laugh. “But over the course of a year, I warmed up to the idea. At some point, I thought he could bring a lot to the role.”

Who is Hassie Harrison Married To?

Hassie Harrison is rumored to be married to Ryan Bingham, though neither has confirmed whether they tied the knot. The speculation arose from photos showing both wearing rings on their left hands. A source told TMZ that the couple got married in Harrison’s hometown of Dallas in October 2023. As of December 2023, there has been no official confirmation of their marital status.

Is Ryan Bingham in a Relationship?

Yes, Ryan Bingham is in a relationship with Hassie Harrison. They confirmed their romance on April 12, 2023, with an Instagram post showing them in front of a bonfire. Bingham captioned the photo, “More than a spark,” indicating the depth of their connection. Fans have been thrilled to see their favorite Yellowstone stars together offscreen.

Does Ryan Bingham Have Children?

Ryan Bingham shares three children with his ex-wife, Anna Axster. The names and details of their children have been kept private, as Bingham and Axster have chosen to shield them from the public eye. Despite the divorce, both parents strive to provide a stable environment for their kids.

How Old is Hassie Harrison?

Born on March 24, 1989, Hassie Harrison is 34 years old as of December 2023. She celebrated her most recent birthday with some horseback riding, embracing the outdoor lifestyle she loves. Her vibrant personality and passion for life have endeared her to fans and colleagues alike.

Are Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison Still Together?

Bingham and Harrison are still together and appear to be as happy as ever. On December 1, 2023, Harrison shared a video on social media of Bingham playing the guitar while she cozied up next to him. She captioned the clip, “It’s a love song,” giving fans a heartwarming glimpse into their relationship. Their public displays of affection have only fueled the speculation about their rumored marriage.

Are Walker and Laramie Dating in Real Life?

In Yellowstone, Bingham plays Walker, and Harrison plays Laramie. Their characters’ relationship is filled with drama, but thankfully, their real-life romance is much more stable and loving. Fans are delighted to see their favorite onscreen couple happy together in real life, and their offscreen chemistry has become a topic of much interest.

When Did Ryan Bingham Get Married?

Ryan Bingham married Anna Axster in 2009. Their marriage lasted until 2021, during which they collaborated on various projects, including the film “A Country Called Home.” As for his relationship with Hassie Harrison, it is rumored that they secretly got married in October 2023, although this has not been officially confirmed.

What’s Next for Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison?

As of December 2023, fans eagerly await any official announcements from Bingham and Harrison regarding their relationship status. Whether or not they are married, their bond appears to be strong, and they continue to enjoy their time together. Both actors are expected to continue their successful careers in the entertainment industry, with Bingham focusing on his music and acting, and Harrison continuing her work on Yellowstone and other projects.

Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison’s rumored romance and possible marriage have captivated fans of Yellowstone and beyond. While the couple has not confirmed their marital status, their public displays of affection and shared moments suggest a deep and genuine connection. As they navigate their careers and personal lives, fans will undoubtedly continue to follow their journey with keen interest. Whether they are officially married or not, Bingham and Harrison’s love story remains a heartwarming tale of two talented individuals finding happiness together.


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