Rodrigo De Paul Wife Is Rodrigo De Paul Married?

Rodrigo De Paul, a talented midfielder for Atletico Madrid, born on May 24, 1994, is currently embroiled in a legal battle with his former partner, Camila Homs, over child support payments. The 28-year-old footballer, who has an estimated net worth of $10 million, has been in the headlines for both his on-field performances and off-field controversies. This article delves into the ongoing legal issues, their potential impact on his career, and the personal dynamics at play.

What is the Nature of De Paul’s Legal Battle?

The legal dispute between Rodrigo De Paul and Camila Homs revolves around child support payments for their two children, Francesca and Bautista. After their separation, De Paul quickly entered a new relationship with Argentine singer Tini Stoessel, which has added to the public interest in the case. The legal battle, although not criminal, involves serious financial and personal implications for De Paul, especially considering the stringent requirements for entry into Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.

How Did De Paul’s Relationship with Tini Stoessel Affect the Situation?

Rodrigo De Paul’s swift transition from his relationship with Camila Homs to his new romance with Tini Stoessel has not gone unnoticed. The public and media scrutiny surrounding his personal life has been intense, with reports suggesting that his new relationship has exacerbated tensions with his former partner. The high-profile nature of both De Paul and Stoessel has only fueled the media frenzy, making the legal battle a frequent topic in both Spanish and Argentine tabloids.

What Are the Implications for De Paul’s World Cup Participation?

The ongoing legal battle could have significant implications for Rodrigo De Paul’s participation in the 2022 World Cup. According to Mundo Deportivo, Argentina FA president Claudio Tapia indicated that FIFA regulations might prevent De Paul from entering Qatar if he has any pending legal complaints. While the dispute with Homs is not a criminal matter, it still poses a potential hurdle. Tapia has expressed confidence that De Paul will resolve the issue in time, highlighting the midfielder’s commitment to his children and his determination to clear his name.

What Has Been the Reaction from Atletico Madrid and Diego Simeone?

Atletico Madrid and its manager, Diego Simeone, have also been drawn into the controversy. Simeone has reportedly advised De Paul to keep his personal matters private to avoid further complications. The club is keen to ensure that De Paul’s legal issues do not distract him from his responsibilities on the pitch. As a key player for Atletico, maintaining focus and form is crucial, especially as the team competes in both domestic and international competitions.

How Has De Paul’s Performance Been Affected?

Despite the off-field distractions, Rodrigo De Paul has continued to perform at a high level for both Atletico Madrid and the Argentina national team. Since joining Atletico from Udinese in 2021, De Paul has been an integral part of the squad. His contributions were pivotal in Argentina’s triumph at the Copa America in 2021, ending an 18-year trophy drought for the national team and securing Lionel Messi’s first major international win. De Paul’s ability to compartmentalize and maintain his performance amidst personal turmoil is a testament to his professionalism and resilience.

What Are the Legal and Financial Stakes for De Paul?

The legal battle with Camila Homs not only has personal implications but also financial ones. Child support disputes can involve significant financial commitments, and for a high-earning athlete like De Paul, the stakes are even higher. Ensuring a fair and amicable resolution is in the best interest of both parties, especially for the well-being of their children. De Paul’s legal team is likely working diligently to navigate these challenges and secure a resolution that allows him to focus on his professional commitments.

What is the Outlook for De Paul’s Future?

Looking ahead, Rodrigo De Paul faces a crucial period both personally and professionally. Resolving the legal dispute with Camila Homs is paramount to ensure his eligibility for the World Cup and to maintain his focus on his football career. The support of his current partner, Tini Stoessel, and the guidance from his club and national team officials will be vital as he navigates these challenges. De Paul’s commitment to his children and his determination to succeed on the pitch remain strong motivating factors.


Rodrigo De Paul’s legal battle with Camila Homs is a significant chapter in his life, with potential implications for his career and personal life. As a key player for Atletico Madrid and the Argentina national team, De Paul’s ability to resolve this issue and maintain his focus on football is critical. With the support of his loved ones and professional advisors, De Paul aims to overcome these challenges and continue to excel both on and off the field.


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