Rfk Jr Wife Who Is Rfk Jr Married To?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., born on January 17, 1954, and boasting an estimated net worth of $50 million, has found unwavering support in his wife, Cheryl Hines, amid his controversial bid for the 2024 presidential election. Cheryl Hines, an acclaimed actress known for her role in “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” has been a steadfast companion both before and during Kennedy’s political journey. Let’s delve deeper into their relationship and Hines’ life.

Who is Cheryl Hines?

Cheryl Hines, born on September 21, 1965, is a renowned actress, director, and producer. She gained fame for her portrayal of Cheryl David, Larry David’s wife, in the HBO series “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Hines’ career began with minor roles in television shows and movies, but her big break came in 1999 with “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Her performance earned her two Primetime Emmy nominations and opened doors to various high-profile projects, including films like “Herbie: Fully Loaded” (2005) and “A Bad Moms Christmas” (2017).

How Did Cheryl Hines and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Meet?

Cheryl Hines and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. met in 2006 at a ski weekend fundraiser for the Waterkeeper Alliance, an environmental nonprofit co-founded by Kennedy. Larry David, Hines’ on-screen husband, introduced the two. At the time, Hines was married to her first husband, Paul Young, and Kennedy was married to his second wife, Mary Kathleen Richardson. Despite their initial connection, Hines and Kennedy didn’t reconnect until 2011 after both had separated from their respective spouses.

What is Their Family Life Like?

The couple shares a blended family of seven children. Hines has a daughter, Catherine Rose, from her first marriage to Paul Young. Kennedy has six children from his previous marriages: sons Bobby III, Conor, Finn, and Aidan, and daughters Kick and Kyra. Hines and Kennedy married on August 2, 2014, in a ceremony at the Kennedy family compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. Their wedding was a casual celebration attended by family and friends, including several celebrities.

How Has Cheryl Hines Supported Kennedy’s Political Career?

Since Kennedy announced his independent candidacy for the 2024 presidential election, Hines has been a prominent figure by his side. Known for her charisma and public speaking skills, Hines has been an essential campaign spokesperson. Kennedy acknowledges her significant role, stating that if he wins the election, Hines will have played a huge part in his success. Despite the political pressures, Hines remains supportive and continues to back her husband’s aspirations.

What Are Cheryl Hines’ Contributions Outside of Acting?

Apart from her acting career, Cheryl Hines is a passionate advocate for various causes. She has been a longtime supporter of cerebral palsy research, inspired by her nephew’s diagnosis with the illness. Hines participates in fundraising events and poker tournaments to support cerebral palsy research and patient care. Additionally, in 2023, Hines and her daughter, Catherine, launched an eco-friendly cosmetics brand, Hines + Young, which focuses on avoiding single-use plastics.

How Does Cheryl Hines Handle Public Scrutiny?

Hines has faced public scrutiny, especially regarding her husband’s controversial views on vaccines. In January 2022, Kennedy compared his experience as an anti-vaccine advocate to that of Anne Frank during the Holocaust, a statement that received widespread backlash. Hines publicly condemned his comparison, calling it “reprehensible and insensitive.” Despite differing views on some issues, Hines continues to support Kennedy while maintaining her individual stance on critical matters.

What Are Cheryl Hines’ Future Aspirations?

When asked about the potential of being the first lady, Cheryl Hines expressed a pragmatic outlook. While it wasn’t a long-held dream, she is ready to embrace the role if it comes to fruition. Hines believes in experiencing life to its fullest and is prepared to support her husband while making the most of the opportunities that come her way.


Cheryl Hines is more than just the wife of a presidential candidate; she is a talented actress, a devoted mother, and a passionate advocate for important causes. Her relationship with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is built on mutual respect and shared values, making her an indispensable part of his life and campaign. As Kennedy continues his bid for the presidency, Hines remains a pillar of support, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to her husband and their blended family.


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