Rep John Rose Wife, Family, Career, All The Details You Need To Know!

John Rose is a prominent U.S. Representative for Tennessee’s 6th congressional district, serving since 2019. Known for his conservative viewpoints, John has made significant contributions to the political landscape, particularly in his home state of Tennessee.

Who is Chelsea Doss Rose?

Chelsea Doss Rose is a well-known figure in Tennessee, recognized for her extensive work with the Future Farmers of America (FFA) and the Tennessee FFA Foundation. Chelsea has made a name for herself through her dedication to agriculture education and youth development.

How Did John and Chelsea Meet?

The exact details of how John and Chelsea met remain unclear, but their paths likely crossed due to their mutual involvement with the FFA. John Rose has been a lifelong volunteer and board member of the FFA from 1996 to 2014. Chelsea began her association with the FFA in 2003 as a high school freshman. Their bond grew stronger through their shared passion for the FFA, and Chelsea received the Jerry and Betty Williams Rose Scholarship, named after John’s parents, to attend Tennessee Technical University.

What is the Age Difference Between John and Chelsea?

One notable aspect of their relationship is the significant age gap between them. John Rose is nearly 25 years older than Chelsea, which has drawn attention and sparked discussions, especially given the Republican party’s stance on relationships with significant age disparities.

What Role Did John Play in Chelsea’s Education and Career?

John Rose played a pivotal role in Chelsea’s education and career. He provided her with a scholarship to attend Tennessee Technical University and mentored her during her preparation for various FFA events. Chelsea has publicly acknowledged John’s support, crediting his scholarship for allowing her to focus on her studies and FFA activities without the need to work during college.

What is the Public Reaction to Their Marriage?

Their marriage has become a topic of national interest, particularly due to the power dynamics involved. While there is no suggestion that John Rose did anything illegal, the relationship raises questions about potential coercion and the influence of power dynamics. The media largely refrained from questioning Rose about his marriage during his campaign, but discussions have been ongoing in the state capital since 2017.

How Many Children Do John and Chelsea Have?

John and Chelsea have two sons. Their first son, Guy, was born in 2017. In April 2017, Chelsea announced her pregnancy on Facebook, sharing their excitement for the new addition to their family. Unfortunately, the couple experienced the loss of a child in November 2019 when Chelsea’s water broke prematurely, and their son Mack was too small to survive outside the womb. In March 2021, they welcomed their second son, Sam.

How Did Chelsea Cope with the Loss of Their Child?

The loss of their son Mack was a devastating experience for the couple. John Rose released a statement expressing their grief and gratitude for the medical professionals who tried to save Mack. Chelsea posted a heartfelt message on Facebook on the anniversary of Mack’s passing, thanking everyone for their support and announcing a fundraiser to help her sister and brother-in-law adopt a child.

What is Chelsea’s Professional Background?

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Tennessee Tech, Chelsea worked as a government affairs specialist for the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association. She later joined the Tennessee FFA Foundation as Executive Director. Chelsea took a nearly four-year break from her role to focus on raising her children but resumed her position in October 2021.

What are Chelsea’s Interests and Activities?

In her free time, Chelsea organizes and promotes fundraisers, showing her dedication to charitable causes. She is also a devoted Christian and active member of her local church. In late December 2021, she offered free Bibles to encourage scripture reading among her followers, reflecting her commitment to her faith and community.

How Has Chelsea Contributed to the FFA?

Chelsea’s work with the FFA has been significant. As the Executive Director of the Tennessee FFA Foundation, she has applied her experience and skills to maximize the organization’s potential and foster meaningful relationships with industry stakeholders. Her dedication to the FFA and her ability to inspire young members have been widely recognized.

What is the Future for John and Chelsea?

John and Chelsea continue to lead a relatively low-key life, focusing on their family and professional commitments. Despite the controversy surrounding their marriage, they have maintained a strong partnership and are devoted to raising their children and supporting each other’s careers. As public figures, they navigate the challenges of scrutiny while striving to contribute positively to their community.


The marriage of John Rose and Chelsea Doss Rose is a complex and multi-faceted relationship that has drawn attention due to its power dynamics and age difference. While their union has sparked discussions, they continue to focus on their family and professional lives, making significant contributions to their community and beyond. John and Chelsea’s dedication to their family, careers, and charitable activities demonstrates their commitment to each other and their shared values.


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