Nick Castellanos Wife Who Is the Wife Of Nick Castellanos?

Nick Castellanos, born on March 4, 1992, is a renowned baseball player known for his prowess as a right fielder. At 32 years old, Castellanos has had an impressive career in Major League Baseball (MLB), playing for teams such as the Detroit Tigers, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, and currently, the Philadelphia Phillies. With a successful career spanning over a decade, Castellanos has an estimated net worth of $20 million, reflecting his earnings from contracts, endorsements, and performance bonuses.

How Did Nick and Jessica Castellanos Meet and Begin Their Relationship?

Nick Castellanos and Jessica Castellanos (née Gomez) have been together since 2017. Jessica, born on January 8, 1993, is the daughter of Maria and Enrique Sr. She has an older brother named Enrique. The couple’s relationship became public when Jessica shared a photo of Nick on her Instagram in April 2017, where Nick is seen kissing her hand while driving. Nick reciprocated by posting a picture of Jessica smiling during an outing a few months later in August. Their romance blossomed while Nick was playing for the Detroit Tigers, a team he had been with since 2013.

How Has Their Family Life Evolved?

Nick and Jessica Castellanos share a son named Otto, who was born on May 4, 2022. Otto, who weighed 6 lbs., 11 oz., and measured 20.25 inches long at birth, has become a central part of their family life. Jessica often shares glimpses of their family moments on Instagram, including their attendance at the 2023 MLB All-Star Game.

Nick is also a father to Liam Castellanos, born on August 1, 2013, from his previous marriage to Vanessa Hernandez. Liam, primarily residing in Florida with his grandmother, is a frequent presence at Phillies games, often seen cheering his dad’s team on during playoff runs. Jessica has embraced Liam warmly, featuring him in various family activities and social media posts, further cementing their blended family.

What is Known About Jessica Castellanos?

Jessica Castellanos is relatively private about her relationship with Nick but is active on social media, sharing aspects of her life with her over 23,000 Instagram followers. Her Instagram bio states, “i love my fam & my dog. i go where @casty_8 goes,” showcasing her commitment to her family and Nick’s career. Despite their public profiles, Nick and Jessica have kept details about their marriage under wraps, with reports indicating they got married in December 2021. Jessica’s brother, Enrique, celebrated the news on Instagram, expressing his excitement about being her man of honor.

How Does Jessica Engage with the Baseball Community?

Jessica is also active on X (formerly Twitter), where she interacts with fans of Nick and the Phillies. She often retweets news about her husband and responds to baseball followers, showcasing her support for Nick’s career. In October 2023, she reacted to a fan’s tweet that praised Nick, highlighting her engagement with the baseball community and her pride in Nick’s accomplishments.

What are Some Key Moments in Their Family Life?

Jessica and Nick have shared several memorable moments as a family. Otto’s first Halloween in 2022 was particularly special, with Otto dressed as Grogu from The Mandalorian and Liam as the titular character, celebrating the Star Wars-themed day on May 4, “May the Fourth Be With You.” For Otto’s first birthday in May 2023, Jessica organized a “ONE happy dude” themed party with black, white, and yellow decorations, a ball pit, a slide, and themed desserts, capturing the joyous occasion on Instagram.

In 2019, the family welcomed a new member, Lola, a Neapolitan mastiff puppy. Jessica introduced Lola to her Instagram followers, and the blue-eyed dog has since been a regular feature on her account, appearing in various family photos and even accompanying them on airplane trips.

How Has Nick’s Career Progressed Over the Years?

Nick Castellanos began his MLB career with the Detroit Tigers in 2013 and has since played for the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds. In 2022, he joined the Philadelphia Phillies, continuing to showcase his talent as a right fielder. Throughout his career, Nick has been known for his batting prowess and consistency on the field, contributing significantly to his teams’ successes.

What Does the Future Hold for the Castellanos Family?

As Nick continues his career with the Philadelphia Phillies, Jessica remains a supportive partner, often seen cheering him on with their children. The couple’s commitment to each other and their family is evident in the glimpses they share with the public. Whether through attending games, celebrating milestones, or engaging with fans, the Castellanos family continues to navigate their journey with love and support.


Nick and Jessica Castellanos have built a life filled with love, family, and baseball. Despite their public profiles, they have managed to keep many aspects of their relationship private, focusing on what matters most to them. With an estimated net worth of $20 million and a thriving career in MLB, Nick Castellanos’ journey is one of dedication and success, supported by Jessica and their children every step of the way.


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