Mikha Lim Age, Career, Bio, Childhood, and Achievements

Mikhaela Janna Jimenea Lim, better known as Mikha, is a rising star in the Filipino music scene as a member of the girl group BINI. Born on November 8, 2003, in Cebu, Mikha is 20 years old and has an estimated net worth of $1 million. As the third youngest member of BINI, she serves as the main rapper, lead dancer, and visual of the group, captivating audiences with her talent and charisma.

How Did Mikha’s Early Life Shape Her Passion for Music?

Mikha’s early life was imbued with music, thanks to her father. She spent many moments singing karaoke with him, which ignited her interest in music. Although she didn’t participate in singing competitions, these early experiences fostered her love for performance. Her family moved frequently, living in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, and Silang, Cavite, before settling in San Juan City, Metro Manila. These moves exposed her to diverse cultural experiences that influenced her artistic development.

What Impact Did Cheerleading Have on Mikha’s Career?

In high school, Mikha joined her school’s cheerleading squad, which played a pivotal role in her development as a performer. Through cheerleading, she learned cheer dancing, tumbling, and flexibility. These skills not only enhanced her physical capabilities but also built her confidence, laying the groundwork for her future endeavors in the performing arts.

How Did Mikha’s Journey with Star Hunt Academy Begin?

Mikha’s journey to stardom began in 2018 when she auditioned for the Star Hunt Auditions in Quezon City. Out of 250 aspirants, she was selected to join a 5-day boot camp and subsequently became a trainee at Star Hunt Academy (SHA) in early 2019. At SHA, she honed her singing and dancing abilities under the tutelage of renowned Filipino voice coaches Kitchy Molina and Anna Graham, and dance coaches Mickey Perz and Matthew Almodovar.

What Role Did Korean Training Play in Mikha’s Development?

Mikha’s training included intensive sessions in the Korean practice and discipline of singing and dancing, facilitated by MU Doctor Academy. This rigorous training regime helped her refine her skills, preparing her for a professional career in music. The blend of Filipino and Korean training methodologies ensured she was well-rounded and ready to excel in the competitive music industry.

What Public Performances Did Mikha Participate In as a Trainee?

As a trainee, Mikha took part in various public performances, showcasing her growing talent. She performed at ABS-CBN mall shows and events, including the 2019 National Youth Commission event FITFIL: Youth Against Drug, where she was recognized as a Youth Ambassador. Additionally, she performed at the 2019 Manila Southeast Asian Games thanksgiving celebration, further solidifying her presence in the entertainment industry.

How Did the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect Mikha’s Training?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mikha and her fellow trainees continued their training in Camp Star Hunt to ensure their safety. This period of intensive training not only helped them bond but also allowed them to focus deeply on their development. The challenging circumstances strengthened their resolve and dedication to their craft.

When Did Mikha Officially Become a Member of BINI?

Mikha officially graduated from Star Hunt Academy on October 10, 2020, as one of the last eight members of the girl trainees. She was announced as a member of BINI, and in November 2020, the group released their pre-debut single “Da Coconut Nut.” This marked the beginning of their journey in the music industry, gaining attention with their vibrant performances.

What Milestones Have Marked Mikha’s Career with BINI?

BINI made their official debut on June 11, 2021, with the release of their single “Born To Win.” The two-part event, BINI: The Launch, was a significant milestone in Mikha’s career. As the main rapper, lead dancer, and visual of the group, Mikha’s contributions have been crucial to BINI’s success. The group’s energetic performances and catchy songs have earned them a dedicated fan base known as “Bloom.”

What Are Mikha’s Interests Outside of Her Professional Life?

Outside of her professional life, Mikha enjoys playing sports, card games, and watching K-dramas. Her favorite colors are red, gold, black, and white, reflecting her dynamic and vibrant personality. She is also known for her flexibility and tumbling skills, which often impress her fans. Her favorite subject at SHA was singing, and her guiding motto is: “Dreams will only stay dreams until you act upon it,” showcasing her determination and drive.

How Does Mikha Engage with Her Fans?

Mikha actively engages with her fans on social media, sharing glimpses of her life and expressing her gratitude for their support. Her genuine and approachable demeanor has endeared her to many, fostering a strong sense of community among her followers. Fans appreciate her authenticity and dedication, making her a beloved figure in the music industry.

What Are Mikha’s Future Aspirations?

Looking ahead, Mikha aims to continue developing her skills and expanding her career. She dreams of collaborating with international artists and promoting Filipino music on a global stage. Her dedication to her craft and her connection with her fans ensure that she will remain a prominent figure in the music industry for years to come.

Mikha’s journey as a performer has had a significant impact on the Filipino pop music scene. As a member of BINI, she has helped bring Filipino music and talent to a wider audience, proudly representing her culture and heritage through her music.



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