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Brigitte Macron is the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron. Born on April 13, 1953, Brigitte is a former high school teacher who has been a significant figure in Emmanuel’s life and career. Their relationship, which spans decades, has been both unique and inspiring, often attracting public and media attention due to their notable age difference and Brigitte’s past role as Emmanuel’s teacher.

How Did Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron Meet?

Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron first met when Emmanuel was a 15-year-old student at Le Providence, a Catholic high school in northern France. Brigitte, then 39 years old, was a drama teacher at the school. Despite the age difference, they formed a close bond. In a November 2023 interview with Paris Match, Brigitte recalled her initial reluctance to entertain a relationship with such a young student, describing it as “crippling.” Nevertheless, they kept in touch over the years while Emmanuel was in college, and eventually, their relationship blossomed into a romance.

What Challenges Did Their Relationship Face?

Their relationship faced several challenges, primarily due to the 25-year age gap and Brigitte’s existing marriage. Emmanuel’s parents initially thought he was dating Brigitte’s daughter, but when they discovered the truth, they sent him to boarding school in Paris, hoping to end the relationship. Meanwhile, Brigitte, who was married with three children close to Emmanuel’s age, prioritized her family but eventually realized she could not deny her feelings for Emmanuel.

How Did They Reunite and Get Married?

Despite the separation and societal pressures, Brigitte and Emmanuel maintained their connection. After ten years of prioritizing her children and overcoming personal and public scrutiny, Brigitte divorced her first husband, André-Louis Auzière, in 2006. A year later, in 2007, she married Emmanuel. Their wedding was a private affair, marking the beginning of a partnership that would see Emmanuel rise to the presidency of France.

How Does Their Age Difference Affect Their Relationship?

Brigitte, who is 25 years older than Emmanuel, has openly discussed the complexities their age difference brings. In an interview with France’s RTL radio station, she admitted that being a couple with such a significant age gap is complicated and an everyday struggle. However, she firmly rejects the term “cougar” as offensive and misleading, emphasizing that her attraction to Emmanuel was an exception to her usual preferences.

What is Brigitte’s Family Background?

Brigitte was previously married to banker André-Louis Auzière, with whom she had three children: Sébastien, Laurence, and Tiphaine. She is also a grandmother to seven grandchildren. Brigitte’s children have all pursued successful careers, becoming a cardiologist, a lawyer, and a statistical engineer, respectively. Despite the challenges, Brigitte managed to balance her responsibilities as a mother while nurturing her relationship with Emmanuel.

What Role Does Brigitte Play in Emmanuel’s Life?

Emmanuel Macron has often described Brigitte as his “anchor,” a source of stability and truth in his life. In a 2017 interview with CNN, he highlighted the importance of having someone at home who tells him the truth every day, helping him maintain personal balance. Brigitte’s deep convictions and genuine love for Emmanuel have been crucial to his success and well-being.

How Do Brigitte and Emmanuel Spend Time Together?

Despite their busy schedules, Brigitte and Emmanuel prioritize spending time together. Brigitte confirmed to Elle magazine that they try to avoid spending nights apart, even with Emmanuel’s demanding job. She mentioned that their relationship is like any other couple’s, with agreements, disagreements, and a fluid dynamic. Their mutual support and understanding have helped them navigate the pressures of public life.

How Have They Interacted with Other World Leaders?

As the First Lady of France, Brigitte Macron has met with numerous world leaders alongside Emmanuel. Notably, during a visit to Rome in October 2021, while Emmanuel met with President Joe Biden at the French embassy, Brigitte and First Lady Jill Biden enjoyed a dinner together. Their meeting was described as “two friends together, just like sisters,” reflecting the warm personal connections they have formed with other world leaders.

How Do They Handle Public Scrutiny?

Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron have faced considerable public scrutiny due to their unconventional relationship. However, they have consistently shown resilience and a deep commitment to each other. Brigitte’s ability to maintain her own identity while supporting Emmanuel’s career has been crucial. She has expressed that their relationship, though unique, is ultimately a simple story of love and partnership.


Brigitte Macron’s life and relationship with Emmanuel Macron are a testament to love’s ability to transcend societal norms and challenges. From their early days as teacher and student to becoming one of France’s most prominent couples, their journey is inspiring. Brigitte’s support, wisdom, and love have been integral to Emmanuel’s success, making their partnership a powerful example of resilience and mutual respect.


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