Kyle Walker Who Is The Wife Of Kyle Walker?

Kyle Walker, born on May 28, 1990, in Sheffield, England, is a professional footballer who plays as a defender for Manchester City and the England national team. Known for his speed, defensive prowess, and ability to contribute offensively, Walker has earned a significant reputation in the world of football. As of 2024, Walker is 34 years old and has an estimated net worth of $35 million.

Who is Annie Kilner?

Annie Kilner, born in 1992, is the wife of Kyle Walker. The couple has been together for nearly two decades and shares four sons. Annie is known for her private lifestyle, often staying out of the public eye despite her husband’s high-profile career. She has been a supportive partner through various phases of Walker’s career, from his early days at Tottenham Hotspur to his current role at Manchester City.

How Did Kyle Walker and Annie Kilner Meet?

Kyle Walker and Annie Kilner met when they were teenagers. Their relationship blossomed over the years, leading to their marriage in 2015. The couple has faced several challenges, but they have remained committed to each other and their family. Annie has been a constant presence in Kyle’s life, supporting him through the highs and lows of his football career.

What Happened on Father’s Day?

On Father’s Day, Kyle Walker was occupied with his football commitments. Despite his preoccupations, his children showed their support by wearing ‘Dad’ team shirts. Annie Kilner watched England’s opening victory against Serbia with some of their four sons, one of whom wore an England shirt with the word ‘Dad’ and Walker’s shirt number ‘2’. This gesture highlighted the family’s unity and the children’s admiration for their father, even amid personal challenges.

What Challenges Have They Faced in Their Relationship?

Kyle Walker and Annie Kilner have faced significant challenges in their relationship, including infidelity. Walker has admitted to cheating on Annie with influencer Lauryn Goodman, which resulted in two children. These revelations have put a strain on their relationship, with Annie reportedly vowing not to play ‘happy families’ during the tournament.

What Did Annie Say About Their Relationship?

According to sources, Annie Kilner has expressed that she doesn’t feel she is in a proper relationship with Kyle Walker. She has decided to attend England matches in Germany solely for the sake of their children and has distanced herself from the other WAGs (wives and girlfriends of footballers). This indicates the strain their relationship has endured due to Walker’s actions.

What is the Situation with Lauryn Goodman?

Lauryn Goodman, an influencer, has had a tumultuous relationship with Kyle Walker. She claims they were involved in a long-term relationship, leading to the birth of their children. However, Walker refutes these claims, stating that he only slept with her twice and there was no relationship. Lauryn has been vocal about her desire for everything to be public, including a Facetime call with Annie where she showed her their daughter’s DNA test.

How Has Walker Responded to the Allegations?

In response to the allegations, Kyle Walker has expressed remorse and called Annie his soul mate. He acknowledged his “idiot choices and idiot decisions” and asked for her forgiveness. Walker has tried to downplay the nature of his involvement with Lauryn, insisting that it was not a relationship but rather two instances of infidelity.

How Did the Football Community React?

The football community has been supportive of Kyle Walker’s professional endeavors despite his personal issues. Walker has been named Vice Captain of the England team and remains focused on helping his country succeed in the tournament. His dedication to his sport has not wavered, and he continues to receive support from his teammates and fans.

What Are the Future Prospects for Kyle and Annie?

The future for Kyle Walker and Annie Kilner remains uncertain. While Walker has expressed a desire to reconcile and maintain their family unit, Annie’s feelings about their relationship are less clear. She has shown resilience and independence, focusing on her children’s well-being. Whether they can rebuild their relationship depends on their ability to address the underlying issues and move forward together.


Kyle Walker’s personal life has been marred by controversy and infidelity, creating significant challenges for his relationship with Annie Kilner. Despite these issues, their children remain supportive of their father, and Walker continues to focus on his football career. The couple’s future will depend on their ability to navigate these challenges and find a path to reconciliation. Walker’s dedication to his sport and his family will undoubtedly play a crucial role in determining the next steps for them.


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