Josip Ilicic Wife Who Is Josip Ilicic Married To?

Josip Ilicic, the Slovenian footballer with a net worth of approximately $15 million at the age of 36, found himself in the spotlight for reasons beyond his athletic prowess. Rumors swirled around his personal life, particularly concerning his wife, Tina Polovina. Despite the speculations, Josip has maintained that his marriage is still intact.

What Sparked the Cheating Rumors?

In recent years, rumors emerged suggesting that Josip Ilicic had caught his wife, Tina Polovina, with another man. These claims were said to have led Josip into a severe state of depression, to the point where he considered retiring from professional football. The speculation intensified when it was suggested that Josip had walked in on Tina during a surprise visit to Slovenia. However, Josip refuted these allegations, posting a picture with his wife on Instagram to signal that all was well between them.

Who Is Tina Polovina?

Tina Polovina, a Slovenian by nationality, represented Slovenia in athletics, specializing in 400-meter races. After her athletic career, she joined the Education Ministry in Slovenia, where she currently works. Tina is a very private person, living in Slovenia with their two daughters, while Josip often travels between Italy and Slovenia to visit his family.

How Has Tina Maintained Her Privacy?

Tina Polovina keeps a low profile on social media. Her Instagram account is private, with only 614 followers and two posts, indicating her preference for privacy. In contrast, Josip boasts over 275,000 followers on his Instagram. Tina’s discreet lifestyle contrasts sharply with the public nature of her husband’s career, yet it reflects her desire to maintain a private family life.

What Are the Ages of Josip and Tina?

While Josip Ilicic is 36 years old, the exact age of Tina Polovina remains unclear. Speculation suggests she might be around 30 years old, but no definitive information has been confirmed.

Is Josip Ilicic Still Married?

Despite the swirling rumors of infidelity, Josip Ilicic is still married to Tina Polovina. The couple, who got engaged in 2009 and married shortly after, have two daughters born in 2013 and 2018. Josip has consistently posted pictures with his family on Instagram, indicating that their 13-year marriage remains strong.

What Led to Josip’s Depression?

Rumors initially pointed to the alleged infidelity as the cause of Josip’s depression. However, it was later clarified that his mental health struggles were more related to the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns. These lockdowns reminded Josip of his traumatic childhood experiences during the Bosnian War, where he lost his father. His manager confirmed that these memories had a significant impact on Josip’s mental state, leading him to take a break from football.

How Did Fans React to the Rumors?

The rumors about Tina’s alleged infidelity led to a backlash from fans on social media. Many took to Josip’s Instagram, leaving negative comments about Tina. This prompted Josip to temporarily disable the comment section on his posts. Despite the negativity, Josip stood by his wife, using his platform to show his support and love for his family.

What Is Tina’s Current Life Like?

Tina Polovina continues to live a private life in Slovenia with her children. She does not have a Twitter account and keeps her social media interactions minimal. Her focus remains on her job at the Slovenian Education Ministry and raising her daughters. Despite her husband’s fame, Tina has successfully maintained a life away from the public eye.

How Does Josip Show His Love for His Family?

Josip Ilicic frequently expresses his love for his wife and children, both on and off the field. He often dedicates his goal celebrations to his family by making a heart symbol with his hands. This gesture is a testament to his enduring love and commitment to his family despite the rumors and challenges they have faced.

What Does the Future Hold for Josip and Tina?

As of now, Josip Ilicic and Tina Polovina appear to be navigating their lives with resilience and mutual support. Josip continues to pursue his football career, while Tina maintains her professional and private life in Slovenia. Their ability to withstand public scrutiny and personal challenges speaks volumes about their strength as a couple.

In conclusion, Josip Ilicic and Tina Polovina’s story is a powerful reminder of the importance of trust and support in a relationship. Despite facing numerous rumors and personal challenges, they have shown that their bond remains unbroken. As they continue to move forward, their commitment to each other and their family remains steadfast, proving that love can indeed endure even the toughest of times.


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