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Joey Essex, 29, is a former star of the reality TV show “The Only Way Is Essex” (TOWIE). Known for his charming personality and vibrant lifestyle, Joey has been a prominent figure in the British entertainment scene. His fame has led to numerous opportunities in television and modeling, but his partying lifestyle has also made headlines.

How Did Joey Essex and Lorena Medina Meet?

Joey Essex met Lorena Medina, 28, on MTV’s dating show “Ex On The Beach” last summer. The chemistry between them was immediate, and their relationship progressed quickly. They often discussed future plans, including marriage and children, showcasing their deep connection and affection for each other.

What Happened Between Joey Essex and Lorena Medina?

The relationship between Joey and Lorena took a turn for the worse after Joey’s wild night out with pop star Rita Ora. Joey was photographed entering Rita’s home early one morning after a night of partying, which led to intense arguments with Lorena. Despite Joey insisting that he and Rita are just friends, Lorena felt betrayed by his lack of transparency about the night’s events.

Why Did Lorena Medina Break Up with Joey Essex?

Lorena Medina broke up with Joey Essex primarily because of his night out with Rita Ora. Lorena explained, “He told me, ‘I had a crazy night and I stayed at my friend’s,’ which I was fine with. But he didn’t mention it was a girl, and he didn’t mention Rita Ora. I told Joey, ‘This can’t happen. Are you crazy? How would you feel if I spent the night with some guy?’”

The situation escalated, causing significant emotional stress for Lorena. She developed eczema from the stress and described their intense arguments as crying, screaming, and hanging up the phone frequently. Eventually, they decided it was best to stop communicating altogether.

What Was Joey Essex’s Relationship with Rita Ora?

Joey Essex and Rita Ora have known each other for years and have maintained a friendship. Despite the rumors, Joey has stated that he and Rita are “just friends.” Rita echoed this sentiment, expressing frustration at the gossip, “It’s insane, why can’t people be friends? Honestly, it’s annoying.”

How Did Rita Ora React to the Situation?

Rita Ora, 29, who recently ended her relationship with model Rafferty Law, denied any romantic involvement with Joey Essex. She admitted to being “obsessed” with Joey in a friendly manner but maintained that their relationship is purely platonic. Rita’s annoyance at the rumors highlights the challenges celebrities face in maintaining friendships without sparking romantic speculations.

How Did the Split Affect Lorena Medina?

Lorena Medina expressed profound sadness over the breakup, stating that Joey was the love of her life. She was ready to start a family with him and felt heartbroken by the situation. Lorena said, “I was ready to have children with Joey. We talked about marriage almost every day.” The emotional strain from their breakup and arguments took a physical toll on her health, leading to eczema.

What’s Next for Joey Essex and Lorena Medina?

Both Joey Essex and Lorena Medina are now focusing on their individual lives. Joey, known for his partying ways, may need to reconsider his lifestyle if he hopes to maintain future relationships. Meanwhile, Lorena is likely taking time to heal and move forward from the emotional stress caused by their split.

How Can Joey Essex Move Forward?

For Joey Essex, understanding the importance of honesty and considering the impact of his actions on his partner will be crucial for his personal growth and future relationships. Reflecting on the consequences of his partying lifestyle and making adjustments could help him avoid similar situations in the future.

How is Lorena Medina Coping with the Breakup?

Lorena Medina is likely taking time to focus on her well-being and healing from the emotional toll of their breakup. Moving forward, finding peace and rebuilding her confidence will be essential steps in her journey. Surrounding herself with supportive friends and family can help her through this challenging time.


Joey Essex’s relationship with Lorena Medina ended due to his wild night out with Rita Ora. Despite their quick romance and plans for a future together, the lack of transparency and ensuing arguments proved too much for Lorena. While Joey maintains that he and Rita are just friends, the incident highlights the challenges of maintaining trust and communication in relationships, especially under the public eye.

As both Joey and Lorena move forward, they will likely reflect on the lessons learned from this experience. For Joey, understanding the importance of honesty and considering the impact of his actions on his partner may be crucial. For Lorena, focusing on her well-being and finding peace after the breakup will be essential steps in her journey. Their story serves as a reminder of the complexities of relationships and the importance of trust and communication.


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