Joachim Son-Forget Arrested, Why Was He Arrested?

Joachim Son-Forget, a former deputy of the presidential majority, was arrested in Paris on Saturday for refusing to comply with police and driving under the influence of cocaine. The Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed the arrest to Le Parisien on Tuesday, following initial reports by Actu. Son-Forget has been placed under judicial supervision as he awaits his trial, which is scheduled for the end of the summer.

Son-Forget, who was once a member of La République en Marche, had aligned himself with the Reconquête party of Éric Zemmour. His political career, marked by significant shifts, now faces serious legal challenges due to his recent actions.

What Happened During the Incident?

The incident began when police noticed a Mercedes moving rapidly in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Attempting to conduct a road check, officers activated their sound and light alarms. However, Son-Forget ignored the signals, continued driving, made a sudden U-turn, and collided with a parked vehicle. This collision did not stop him, and he continued driving at high speed, even using lanes meant for cyclists.

The Paris prosecutor’s office detailed these events, highlighting the dangerous driving behavior that put others at risk. The police eventually managed to block his path and arrest him, discovering that he had 0.7 grams of cocaine in his possession.

Why Was He Arrested?

Joachim Son-Forget was arrested for multiple offenses. The cocaine test administered by the police came back positive, confirming that he was driving under the influence. Additionally, he was found in possession of a small amount of cocaine. These factors contributed to his arrest and the serious charges he now faces.

The judicial authority stated that Son-Forget’s actions included refusing to comply with police orders, endangering the lives of others, failure to control his vehicle, driving under the influence of drugs, and hit and run after causing a material accident. These charges have serious implications for the former deputy.

What Are the Legal Consequences?

Following his arrest, Son-Forget was brought before the public prosecutor’s office on Monday. He was summoned by report and placed under judicial supervision. His trial is set for a criminal hearing on August 29, where he will face charges related to his dangerous driving and drug use.

The upcoming trial will determine the legal consequences for Son-Forget. The charges he faces are severe, and the court’s decision will impact his future both legally and professionally. The outcome of the trial will be closely watched given his previous political prominence.

What Did the Police Report?

The police report detailed the sequence of events leading to Son-Forget’s arrest. It described how he ignored police attempts to stop him, continued driving recklessly, and posed a danger to others on the road. His refusal to comply and the subsequent high-speed chase highlighted the severity of the situation.

The police managed to apprehend Son-Forget after blocking his path. The positive cocaine test and the discovery of cocaine in his possession were critical factors in his arrest. The report underscores the dangerous behavior and the risks posed by his actions.

When Is the Trial?

Joachim Son-Forget’s trial is scheduled for August 29. He will be tried for multiple offenses, including refusing to comply with police, endangering the lives of others, failure to control his vehicle, driving under the influence of drugs, and hit and run after causing a material accident.

As the trial date approaches, there will be significant attention on the proceedings and the potential outcomes. Son-Forget’s case is a stark reminder of the legal consequences of reckless behavior and drug use, particularly for public figures. The trial will be a crucial moment in determining his future and addressing the charges against him.


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