James Harden Girlfriend Now, Become Acquainted with Paije Speights.

James Harden, the NBA star with an estimated net worth of $165 million at 34 years old, recently attended a wedding that has since gone viral. The wedding of retired player Rajon Rondo and Latoia Fitzgerald became an internet sensation thanks to Harden’s reaction. This event took place over the weekend, and a clip shared on X (formerly Twitter) captured the unforgettable moment.

How Did Harden React?

In the video, wedding guests gather behind the bride as she prepares to toss her bouquet. Amidst cheering and clapping, the bouquet lands on the floor at the back of the crowd. Paije Speights, identified as Harden’s girlfriend and wearing a black dress, bends down to pick it up. The camera then pans to show Harden, dressed in a black suit, standing next to Speights. While she reacts with excitement, Harden’s face tells a different story. He stands stiffly, staring straight ahead, not blinking or saying anything, even as his girlfriend hugs him while holding the bouquet.

What Was the Internet’s Reaction?

Fans quickly noticed Harden’s awkward reaction and flooded the comments with jokes and memes. One commenter noted that Harden looked “literally terrified,” while another quipped that it was a moment he should have “played defense.” Others humorously speculated that “prenuptial agreements are being drafted in his head.” The reaction became an instant meme, spreading across various social media platforms.

Who Is James Harden’s Girlfriend?

James Harden’s girlfriend, Paije Speights, has gained attention due to this viral moment. Known for her close relationship with Harden, Speights often appears with him at public events. At the wedding, she wore a stunning black dress and clearly enjoyed catching the bouquet, even if Harden seemed less than thrilled.

Why Is This Moment Significant?

This viral moment comes as Harden enjoys his offseason. The Los Angeles Clippers, his current team, were eliminated in the first round of the postseason by the Dallas Mavericks on May 3, 2024. Harden, who won an Olympic gold medal with Team USA in the 2012 London Summer Games, joined the Clippers in November after spending a year with the Philadelphia 76ers. This off-court incident has added to Harden’s public persona, showing a more human and humorous side of the star athlete.

What Else Is Harden Known For?

Beyond his basketball career, Harden has made headlines for his ventures outside of sports. Last year, he became notable for his wine-selling success. During a live stream in August hosted by online star Crazy Brother Yang in China, Harden sold 16,000 bottles of his signature J-Harden wine within seconds. The live stream attracted more than 15 million viewers. When 5,000 orders for two bottles each came in, Harden laughed, applauded, and repeatedly told the audience, “I love you.” Moments later, another 6,000 bottles sold, prompting Harden to do a cartwheel in celebration.

What Are Fans Saying?

Fans are enjoying Harden’s viral wedding moment, finding his reaction both relatable and hilarious. Many have turned it into memes and jokes, expressing their delight in the awkwardness of the situation. The comments reflect the playful nature of fans who enjoy seeing their favorite stars in real-life, humorous situations. Harden’s reaction has only added to his charm and popularity.

What’s Next for Harden?

As Harden enjoys his offseason, fans are eagerly watching for more entertaining moments. His reaction at the wedding has only increased his appeal. Whether it’s on the basketball court or at a friend’s wedding, Harden continues to capture the attention and hearts of his fans. With his vibrant personality and ability to entertain, both on and off the court, fans are excited to see what Harden will do next.


James Harden’s viral moment at Rajon Rondo and Latoia Fitzgerald’s wedding has taken the internet by storm. His stiff and awkward reaction to his girlfriend catching the bouquet has become a meme sensation. This incident, coupled with Harden’s impressive career and ventures outside of basketball, showcases his multifaceted personality. As he enjoys the offseason, fans can look forward to more memorable moments from this NBA star.


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