Jack Hendry Wife Who Is Jack Hendry Married To?

Former Celtic and Dundee defender Jack Hendry, aged 28 and currently playing for Club Brugge, enjoyed a delightful date night with his girlfriend Robyn Emma Keen. Despite being sidelined due to a knee injury since March, Hendry is making the most of his downtime. With an estimated net worth of $2 million, the footballer knows how to treat his significant other to a memorable evening.

Where Did Jack Hendry and Robyn Emma Keen Dine?

The couple chose an upscale Asian fusion restaurant for their night out. The ambiance and culinary offerings of the eatery provided the perfect backdrop for their romantic evening. Robyn, who has previously been dubbed “Britain’s most beautiful woman,” shared glimpses of their lavish meal on her Instagram story, delighting fans with a peek into their date night.

What Dishes Were on the Menu?

Their meal was a feast for the senses, featuring a variety of delectable dishes. The starters included large, filled spring rolls served with a side of sweet chili dipping sauce and lamb kebabs presented on a bamboo leaf, accompanied by a buttery, creamy sauce and a fresh salad. The main courses did not disappoint, with the couple sharing four exquisite plates between them. These included sticky Kung Po chicken, a juicy beef stir fry, and a dish with nuts, bean sprouts, bamboo leaves, and a zesty lime garnish.

How Is Jack Hendry’s Recovery Progressing?

Jack Hendry’s season came to an abrupt halt due to a knee injury sustained in March. This unfortunate incident ruled him out of Scotland’s Euro qualifiers against Cyprus and Spain. However, there is optimism surrounding his recovery, with expectations that he will return in time for the next round of games in June against Norway and Georgia. In the meantime, Hendry is focusing on rest, recovery, and spending quality time with Robyn.

What Has Robyn Emma Keen Been Up To?

Robyn Emma Keen has been capturing the attention of fans with her stunning social media posts. Known for her breathtaking outfits, she recently wowed followers in a skimpy fairy dress and earned the moniker “an actual angel” for her poolside photos. Her latest dinner snaps with Jack Hendry further showcased her impeccable style and the couple’s enviable culinary adventures.

How Has Club Brugge Fared Without Hendry?

Club Brugge has faced challenges in Hendry’s absence. The team has struggled to secure a top-four spot in the Belgian Pro League, finding themselves 11 points behind Union St Gallen and Genk, and a further point behind leaders Antwerp. With only three games remaining, Brugge’s hopes of catching their rivals for a European spot are slim. Hendry’s injury has undoubtedly impacted their performance during this critical phase of the season.

What Is Jack Hendry’s Football Career Like?

Jack Hendry’s football career has seen him play for several notable clubs. Starting with Dundee, he later moved to Celtic, where he honed his skills as a defender. His move to Club Brugge marked a significant step in his career, allowing him to compete at a higher level in the Belgian Pro League. Despite the setback of his injury, Hendry remains a key player for his team, and fans are eagerly awaiting his return to the pitch.

How Do Jack and Robyn Spend Their Time Together?

When not on the field, Jack Hendry enjoys spending quality time with Robyn. Their social media posts often highlight their shared interests and adventures, from glamorous dinners to casual outings. This downtime has allowed the couple to strengthen their bond, especially during Hendry’s recovery period. Their supportive relationship is evident in the joy they share in each other’s company.

What Are Jack Hendry’s Future Prospects?

Looking ahead, Jack Hendry is focused on his recovery and returning to peak fitness. His determination and commitment to the sport are clear, and he aims to rejoin his teammates for the upcoming fixtures. With his impressive track record and resilience, Hendry is expected to make a strong comeback, contributing significantly to both Club Brugge and the Scottish national team.


Jack Hendry and Robyn Emma Keen’s recent date night offers a glimpse into their life off the pitch. Despite the challenges posed by Hendry’s injury, the couple continues to enjoy their time together, making the most of every moment. As Hendry works towards his recovery, fans and teammates alike look forward to his return, confident that his skills and determination will once again shine on the field.


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