Honey Bunchies Net Worth, Nowadays, Where Are the Honey Bunchies?

Fans of Shark Tank are curious about the journey of Honey Bunchies, a company that appeared on the show a few years ago. Honey Bunchies, a family-owned business, makes delicious honey bars. The company’s founder, Ed Payne, and his family presented their unique product to the sharks, hoping for investment and exposure. Today, the company’s estimated net worth is around $8 million, with Ed Payne, now in his mid-fifties, continuing to steer the business.

What Is Honey Bunchies?

Honey Bunchies is a company that specializes in making honey bars. These bars are made with simple, natural ingredients, primarily honey, which makes up 42% of each bar. The bars also include nuts and other natural ingredients, making them a healthy snack option. The recipe was created by Ed Payne’s wife, who wanted to make a tasty and nutritious snack for their family. The family’s dedication to quality and natural ingredients has been a cornerstone of their business.

How Did Honey Bunchies Perform on Shark Tank?

Ed Payne and his family appeared on Shark Tank to pitch their honey bars to the investors. They were seeking funds to expand their business. The sharks were impressed by the taste and the simple, natural ingredients of the bars. However, the company did not secure a deal on the show. Despite this, their appearance on Shark Tank provided valuable exposure, leading to a surge in interest and sales.

What Happened After the Show?

After their appearance on Shark Tank, Honey Bunchies experienced a significant increase in sales. The exposure from the show helped them reach a larger audience, with people eager to try the honey bars they saw on television. The company worked hard to meet the increased demand, focusing on producing high-quality honey bars. This period of growth was challenging but rewarding, as the family business gained momentum and new customers.

Where Is Honey Bunchies Today?

Today, Honey Bunchies is still going strong and has rebranded the company as “Bunch Bar.” The bars are available in stores across the United States and online. The company has expanded its product line to include different flavors, catering to a variety of tastes. Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Honey Bunchies has managed to grow and succeed. The company remains committed to using simple, natural ingredients and continues to make their honey bars in small batches to ensure quality. The family-owned business has stayed true to its roots, focusing on providing a healthy and delicious snack option, and their dedication has helped them build a loyal customer base.

What Challenges Did Honey Bunchies Face?

Like many small businesses, Honey Bunchies faced several challenges. After their appearance on Shark Tank, they had to quickly scale up production to meet the increased demand. This required significant investment in equipment and resources. The family worked tirelessly to keep up with orders and maintain the quality of their product. The company also faced challenges related to distribution. Getting their product into stores across the country was a difficult task. They had to navigate the complexities of the food industry and build relationships with retailers. Despite these challenges, Honey Bunchies persevered and continued to grow.

What Is the Future of Honey Bunchies?

The future looks bright for Honey Bunchies, now known as Bunch Bar. The company plans to continue expanding its product line and reach more customers. They are exploring new flavors and ingredients to add to their honey bars. The company is also looking into expanding its distribution network to make its products more widely available. The Payne family remains dedicated to their business. They are passionate about providing a healthy snack option made with natural ingredients. Their journey from a small family kitchen to a successful business is inspiring. Honey Bunchies has shown that with hard work and dedication, it is possible to achieve success even without securing a deal on Shark Tank.

How Has the Rebranding to Bunch Bar Impacted the Business?

Rebranding from Honey Bunchies to Bunch Bar has been a strategic move for the company. The new name reflects their expanded product line and broader market appeal. This rebranding has allowed them to reach new customers while retaining their loyal fan base. The company continues to emphasize the same high-quality, natural ingredients that made Honey Bunchies popular, ensuring that their core values remain unchanged.

What Lessons Can Other Entrepreneurs Learn from Honey Bunchies?

The story of Honey Bunchies offers valuable lessons for other entrepreneurs. One key takeaway is the importance of persistence. Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, the Paynes did not give up. They used the exposure to their advantage, worked hard to meet demand, and focused on maintaining product quality. Another lesson is the significance of staying true to one’s values. Honey Bunchies has always emphasized natural ingredients and quality, which has helped them build a loyal customer base. Finally, the Paynes’ ability to adapt and rebrand shows the importance of being flexible and responsive to market needs.


Honey Bunchies, now Bunch Bar, is a testament to the power of perseverance and dedication. From their humble beginnings to their appearance on Shark Tank and subsequent success, the Payne family has shown that hard work and a commitment to quality can lead to remarkable achievements. With a bright future ahead, Honey Bunchies continues to inspire and delight customers with their delicious, natural honey bars.


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