Dragon Age, Unveiled during the Xbox Games Showcase The Veilguard

On June 11, 2024, the much-anticipated fourth installment of the Dragon Age series, Dragon Age: The Veilguard, was showcased at the summer Xbox Games Showcase. Fans of the series have eagerly awaited this release, developed by BioWare, who announced the title just last week. The reveal included a thrilling trailer, a release window set for fall 2024, and a planned focused showcase on the same day to provide more in-depth details. The net worth of BioWare, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, is approximately $80 million, and they have a long history of creating beloved RPGs. This announcement comes from a company with a rich legacy and significant influence in the gaming industry.

What Did the Trailer Reveal?

The trailer for Dragon Age: The Veilguard gave fans an exciting glimpse into the upcoming game. Along with the release window, it revealed key details about the companion characters, who are a staple of the Dragon Age series. These companions not only follow the player into peril but also become some of the most memorable and beloved characters in the game. The trailer introduced seven companions, though there might be more yet to be revealed.

The companions introduced include Harding, the Scout; Neve, the Detective; Emmrich, the Necromancer; Taash, the Dragon Hunter; Davrin, the Warden; Bellara, the Veil Jumper; and Lucanis, the Mage Killer. Each character is distinct, bringing unique abilities and roles that will add depth and variety to the gameplay experience. Additionally, the trailer featured Varric Tethras, a recurring character from previous games, leaving fans wondering about his potential involvement.

Who Are the Companions?

The companions in Dragon Age: The Veilguard are diverse and intriguing, each offering unique contributions to the player’s journey.

  • Harding, the Scout: Likely skilled in stealth and reconnaissance, Harding will probably help players navigate and uncover hidden secrets within the game world.
  • Neve, the Detective: Neve might focus on solving mysteries and uncovering hidden truths, adding a layer of intrigue and investigation to the narrative.
  • Emmrich, the Necromancer: Emmrich will likely use dark magic to control the dead, providing powerful and eerie abilities to the player’s arsenal.
  • Taash, the Dragon Hunter: Expected to excel in combat against dragons, Taash will bring formidable skills essential for taking down the most dangerous foes.
  • Davrin, the Warden: Davrin may have abilities related to defense and protection, making him a vital asset in maintaining the party’s safety.
  • Bellara, the Veil Jumper: Bellara could possess abilities involving the manipulation of the Veil, the mystical barrier separating the world from the Fade, adding a unique magical element to the gameplay.
  • Lucanis, the Mage Killer: Specializing in fighting magic users, Lucanis will bring expertise in neutralizing enemy spellcasters, a crucial skill in a world filled with magic.

What Role Will Varric Tethras Play?

Varric Tethras, a beloved character from previous Dragon Age games, made a notable appearance in the trailer. However, his role remains ambiguous. Not explicitly highlighted as a companion, his exact involvement in The Veilguard is unclear. Varric is known for his storytelling prowess and expert crossbow skills, making him a fan favorite.

Fans are eager to see how Varric fits into the new narrative. His appearance in the trailer suggests he will play an important role, even if not as a companion. The gameplay reveal on June 11 is expected to shed more light on Varric’s character and his place in the story.

What Can We Expect from the Gameplay Reveal?

The highly anticipated gameplay reveal on June 11 promises to deliver more details about the companions and their abilities. Fans are looking forward to seeing how these new characters will interact with the player and each other, hoping for the rich character dynamics that the Dragon Age series is known for.

The reveal is also expected to showcase the game’s mechanics and storyline. Dragon Age games are celebrated for their intricate narratives and complex characters, and fans hope The Veilguard will uphold this tradition. The new installment is anticipated to provide an engaging and immersive experience, continuing the legacy of its predecessors.

How Is the Anticipation Building Up?

The announcement and trailer have significantly heightened the excitement among fans. BioWare’s track record of delivering compelling role-playing games sets high expectations for Dragon Age: The Veilguard. The diverse cast of companions and the potential for intricate storylines promise a game that will captivate both long-time fans and new players alike.

With the release slated for fall 2024, the next few months will likely bring more reveals and information, further fueling the anticipation. The dedicated showcase on June 11 will be a critical moment for BioWare to highlight the game’s features and assure fans of an experience that lives up to their expectations.


Dragon Age: The Veilguard is set to be a significant addition to the Dragon Age series, with a diverse cast of companions and a promising storyline. As fans eagerly await its release, the upcoming gameplay reveal will be crucial in providing more insights and maintaining the excitement generated by the initial trailer. BioWare’s legacy and expertise in creating immersive RPGs suggest that The Veilguard will deliver a rich and engaging experience for all players.


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