Doc Rivers Wife Who Is the Wife of Doc Rivers?

Doc Rivers, born Glenn Anton Rivers on October 13, 1961, is a former NBA player and a renowned coach, celebrated for his leadership and resilience both on and off the court. At 62 years old, Rivers has built a remarkable career in basketball, contributing significantly as a player from 1983 to 1996 and later as a coach. His estimated net worth is around $50 million, accumulated through his successful stints with various NBA teams, including the Atlanta Hawks and the Los Angeles Clippers, as well as his high-profile coaching career.

How Did Doc Rivers and Kristen Rivers Meet?

Doc Rivers met Kristen Campion, later known as Kristen Rivers, in 1980 at Marquette University. Doc was a freshman basketball player at the university when he encountered Kristen, the daughter of a physical therapist from the Milwaukee suburbs. Their relationship quickly became serious despite facing considerable societal challenges due to their interracial status. “It was a long time ago, and interracial dating was not all that acceptable,” Doc recounted, reflecting on the aggressive racist treatment they received, including slashed tires and racist graffiti on the sidewalk outside Kristen’s parents’ home.

What Challenges Did Doc and Kristen Rivers Face Due to Racism?

The couple’s relationship faced significant hurdles due to racial prejudice. Kristen’s tires were slashed, and derogatory statements were written on the sidewalk near her parents’ home. This relentless harassment began affecting Doc’s performance on the basketball court. Recognizing the toll it was taking on him, Marquette’s coach, Hank Raymond, had a heart-to-heart conversation with Doc. “Do you love her, Glenn?” asked Raymond, addressing him by his given name. When Doc expressed his feelings for Kristen, Raymond offered unwavering support, saying, “Then the hell with everybody.” This encouragement helped Doc persevere through the difficult times.

How Did Doc Rivers’ NBA Career and Marriage Progress?

Doc Rivers left college after his junior year to pursue a career in the NBA, a decision partly influenced by the continuous racist treatment he faced. In 1986, Doc and Kristen married, with Doc donning pink Chuck Taylor basketball shoes for the occasion. Throughout his NBA career, which included playing for four different teams, Doc maintained his focus and dedication, attributes that would later define his coaching career. Kristen remained a supportive partner as they navigated the ups and downs of professional sports and personal life together.

What Was the Impact of Donald Sterling’s Scandal on Doc Rivers?

In 2013, Doc Rivers took on the role of head coach for the Los Angeles Clippers during a tumultuous period marked by racist remarks from the team’s owner, Donald Sterling. The scandal, which led to Sterling being forced to sell the team, was a significant challenge for Doc. He aimed to keep the team’s focus on Sterling’s actions rather than their reactions. Doc’s leadership during this period exemplified his ability to prioritize what truly matters and maintain the team’s integrity and unity.

What Led to Doc and Kristen Rivers’ Separation?

Despite their long history together, Doc and Kristen Rivers finalized their separation in 2019 after being married for over three decades. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported their divorce, marking the end of a relationship that began in 1980. While the specific reasons for their separation remain unclear, some speculations suggest that it might involve another woman. Reports emerged in January 2020 of Doc being seen with a young woman, who was described as a long-time girlfriend.

Did Doc Rivers Cheat on Kristen Rivers?

In early 2020, The U.S. Sun published photos of Doc Rivers with a woman who was not Kristen, sparking rumors of infidelity. The images showed Doc and the woman getting cozy outside a private members club in Los Angeles. Sources claimed that Doc and Kristen had been separated for five years and were in the process of finalizing their divorce for the past two years. This new relationship was reportedly not a secret, but the couple chose to keep it low-profile until the divorce was complete.

How Has Kristen Rivers Remained Connected to Her Family Post-Divorce?

Post-divorce, Kristen Rivers has maintained a close relationship with her children. Although she is not active on social media, her children occasionally express their affection for her online. In May 2021, Callie Rivers, one of Kristen’s daughters, shared a heartfelt Mother’s Day post on Instagram, acknowledging both her mother and mother-in-law, Sonya Curry. “I have the best examples of how it’s done, and I could not be more thankful,” Callie wrote, highlighting the enduring bond within the family.


Doc Rivers’ life and career have been marked by significant achievements and challenges. From his early days at Marquette University to his storied NBA career and subsequent coaching success, Rivers has demonstrated resilience and dedication. Despite facing personal and professional hurdles, including his separation from Kristen Rivers, Doc continues to be a prominent figure in the basketball world. His net worth of $50 million and his lasting impact on the sport reflect his enduring legacy. As he moves forward, Doc’s story remains one of perseverance, leadership, and the pursuit of excellence.


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