Dantes Girlfriend, Why Did Laura and Dantes break up?

Twitch creator Dantes “Doaenel” and fellow streamer Laura “Laurinchhhe” have been a well-known couple in the streaming community. They started dating in October 2023, sharing their relationship journey with their fans on social media. Doaenel frequently posted about their dates, the gifts he gave Laura, and the funny moments they shared, creating a strong connection with their followers.

Their relationship quickly became a topic of interest among fans, who enjoyed seeing the couple’s interactions and the bond they shared. However, on June 19, 2024, Doaenel announced their breakup on X, formerly known as Twitter, citing personal reasons behind their decision to part ways.

What Led to the Breakup?

In his post, Doaenel emphasized that the main reason for the breakup was his realization that he was not ready for a relationship. He mentioned that from the beginning, he had made it clear to Laura that his career would always be his first priority. This focus on his career created a fundamental issue in their relationship.

Doaenel explained that while Laura was willing to compromise her career and daily life to support him, he was neither willing nor able to make similar sacrifices for her. This imbalance eventually took a toll on him mentally, leading to his decision to end the relationship.

How Did Doaenel Express His Feelings?

Doaenel expressed his feelings about the breakup in a heartfelt manner. He acknowledged that relationships require compromise, and seeing Laura take steps back in her own life to support him made him realize he could not reciprocate. This realization was a significant factor in his decision to end things.

In his post, Doaenel reflected on the foundation of relationships, stating that he came to understand he was neither able nor willing to fulfill those fundamental aspects. This self-awareness led him to conclude that ending the relationship was the best decision for both of them.

What Was the Public Reaction?

The announcement of their breakup quickly gathered over 2.9 million views on X, with many netizens expressing their condolences to the former couple. Fans were saddened by the news but appreciated Doaenel’s honesty and transparency about the reasons behind their split.

Many followers showed support for both Doaenel and Laura, respecting their decision and wishing them well in their future endeavors. The streaming community, known for its close-knit nature, rallied around the couple during this difficult time.

How Did Doaenel Ask Fans to Support Laura?

Despite the breakup, Doaenel asked his fanbase to continue supporting Laura. He expressed gratitude for the time and love they shared, emphasizing that Laura had always been understanding and put in significant effort to make the relationship work.

Doaenel’s request for his fans to show Laura support highlighted his respect and appreciation for her. He acknowledged her sacrifices and understanding nature, asking fans to honor her efforts by being supportive during this transitional period.


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