Dane Swan Wife Is Dane Swan Married?

Dane Swan, the former Collingwood AFL star, has recently come into the spotlight after his six-week stint in the South African jungle on Channel 10’s reality show, “I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!” Born on February 25, 1984, the 40-year-old athlete is known for his remarkable career in Australian football and his substantial net worth, estimated to be around $4 million. Despite his success and public presence, Swan is known for his down-to-earth personality and candid approach to life.

What Lessons Did Swan Learn in the Jungle?

Swan’s time in the jungle proved to be a transformative experience. Competing on the reality show allowed him to reflect on his life and relationships. He admitted to being somewhat selfish throughout his career, as professional sports often require a high level of personal focus. “My whole career, it has all been about me,” Swan confessed. “Everything revolved around my schedule, what I can eat, and when I can go away because of training and games.”

This self-centered approach, although necessary for his professional success, made him realize the importance of being more present with his loved ones. “I need to give more time to the people I care about,” he stated, emphasizing the need to be more in the moment and appreciative of those closest to him.

Are Marriage Plans on the Horizon for Swan and Taylor Wilson?

Despite his newfound perspective on life, Swan remains non-committal about immediate marriage plans with his long-term girlfriend, Taylor Wilson. The couple has been together for nine years, and while marriage seems like a natural progression, Swan isn’t in a hurry. “I’ve had plenty of time to think about it (marriage). It won’t be this year,” he revealed.

Swan and Wilson are looking forward to enjoying what he refers to as their “fun year.” They plan to travel extensively, with their first stop being the Coachella Music Festival in the US next month. “This is our fun year. I’ve always said the year I finish footy is a gap year to go away and travel,” he explained.

What Are Swan’s Professional Plans Post-Retirement?

Swan retired from professional football last year, and while many athletes struggle to find their next career path, he seems content to take things as they come. “I didn’t come on this show to get myself a job, to be a TV presenter or whatever,” he mentioned. For now, he is enjoying the freedom and opportunities that come his way without feeling the pressure to make immediate career decisions.

“I have absolutely no idea what is to come,” Swan admitted. “If great doors open, I am not going to not go in them. But who knows.” His open-minded approach suggests that he is ready to explore new avenues, albeit at his own pace.

Would Swan Pose for a Gay Magazine?

One of the more intriguing revelations during the show was Swan’s stance on posing nude for a gay magazine. When asked if he would consider it for $500,000, his response was both candid and humorous. “If I was single it wouldn’t bother me [and] if Taylor and my family were okay with it, then we might be able to discuss it,” he said with a smile. However, he quickly dismissed the idea as unrealistic, joking, “That’s never gonna happen, let’s be honest, who wants to see that?”

How Does Swan Plan to Spend His Year of Travel?

The former AFL star has big plans for his travel year. Aside from attending Coachella, he has several other trips lined up, making the most of his newfound freedom. Travel has always been a passion for Swan, and this year provides the perfect opportunity to explore the world without the constraints of a rigorous training and game schedule.

What Impact Has the Jungle Experience Had on Swan’s Personal Life?

The jungle experience has left a lasting impact on Swan’s personal life, leading him to vow to be more present and appreciative of his family and friends. He acknowledges the need to shift his focus from himself to those around him, something he admits was neglected during his sporting career. “I’ve learnt that I need to give more time to the people I care about,” he reiterated.


Dane Swan’s journey from AFL star to reality TV contestant has been marked by self-discovery and a renewed commitment to his personal relationships. While he remains non-committal about marriage and future professional endeavors, his focus on living in the moment and appreciating those closest to him signals a significant shift in his approach to life. As he embarks on his year of travel and exploration, fans will undoubtedly be keen to see what new experiences and opportunities come his way.


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