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Andrea Sirakides Hurley is the wife of UConn men’s basketball coach Dan Hurley. Born and raised in New Jersey, Andrea has been a significant part of Dan Hurley’s life and career. The couple met while they were both students at Seton Hall University and have been married since 1997. Together, they have two sons, Andrew and Danny Hurley. Andrea has recently gained attention for her podcast, “Ball Is Wife,” which she co-hosts with Nicole Kellogg, offering insights into the life of a college basketball coach’s wife.

How Did Andrea and Dan Hurley Meet?

Andrea Sirakides and Dan Hurley met while attending Seton Hall University in New Jersey. Their relationship blossomed during their college years, leading to their marriage in 1997 at the Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury wedding venue. Dan has often expressed how meeting Andrea changed his life for the better. In an interview with WTNH, Dan said, “I met her at Seton Hall. It’s like, by far, the best thing that happened to me at Seton Hall, but that was the thing that saved my life when I met her and changed my life and made me want to be better.” Andrea echoed this sentiment, saying they have been best friends ever since.

What is the “Ball Is Wife” Podcast?

In 2021, Andrea Hurley and Nicole Kellogg, wife of UMass coach Derek Kellogg, started the podcast “Ball Is Wife.” The podcast aims to provide a platform for coaches’ wives to share their experiences and challenges. Andrea told The Athletic, “Who else feels like us? Is anybody else going through this? What do other coaches’ wives do on game day? What do other coaches’ wives do when you have four losses in a row?” The podcast has featured conversations with other coaches’ wives and family members, offering a unique perspective on the highs and lows of being married to a college basketball coach.

Who Are Andrea and Dan Hurley’s Sons?

Andrea and Dan Hurley have two sons, Danny and Andrew Hurley. Their oldest son, Danny, followed in his parents’ footsteps and graduated from Seton Hall University. He currently works as an aide to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and serves as a board member of The Hurley Family Foundation. Their younger son, Andrew, plays for his father’s team at UConn. Before joining UConn, Andrew won a state championship at East Catholic High School in Connecticut. Both sons have expressed their admiration for their father and his coaching career.

What Are Andrea Hurley’s Game Day Rituals?

Andrea Hurley has shared some of her game day rituals, particularly her husband’s superstitions. Dan Hurley is known for wearing the same lucky dragon underwear, shirt, and “game day socks.” Andrea ensures these items are clean by washing them in a collapsible bucket while on the road. She revealed this routine during an appearance on “The Field of 68” podcast, explaining, “This has been going on for years.” Andrea’s dedication to supporting her husband extends beyond superstition; she is deeply invested in the team’s success and the well-being of the players.

What is Life Like for the Hurleys in Connecticut?

The Hurleys moved to Glastonbury, Connecticut, when Dan was hired as the UConn Huskies coach in 2018. They live in a $1.5 million home, about 40 minutes from the UConn campus. Andrea has embraced her role in supporting Dan and the team, often expressing her love and admiration for her husband on social media. On Dan’s 50th birthday, she wrote, “Happy 50th birthday to the love of my life💙 the toughest guy I know… You are adored beyond words by your #1 fans…#HOMETEAM.”

How Does Andrea Hurley Balance Family and Basketball?

Andrea Hurley has successfully balanced her roles as a wife, mother, and podcast host. She supports her husband and sons while managing her own projects. Her podcast, “Ball Is Wife,” allows her to connect with other coaches’ wives and share her experiences. She often talks about the emotional rollercoaster of watching her husband’s team play, expressing her deep care for the players and their success. Andrea’s ability to maintain her own identity and pursue her interests while supporting her family is a testament to her strength and dedication.

What Are Andrea Hurley’s Views on UConn Fans?

Andrea Hurley has a deep appreciation for UConn fans, but she has also voiced some criticism. She told “The Field of 68” podcast, “We have the best fans. But then there’s those few that are a******. It’s just like, ‘Who the frig are you?’” Andrea is passionate about supporting the team and is protective of the players and coaching staff. She expressed frustration with negative comments from some fans, emphasizing the hard work and dedication of the team.


Andrea Sirakides Hurley is an integral part of Dan Hurley’s life and career. From meeting at Seton Hall University to supporting him through his coaching journey at UConn, Andrea has been a steadfast partner. Her podcast, “Ball Is Wife,” provides a unique glimpse into the life of a coach’s wife, and her dedication to her family and the UConn Huskies is unwavering. Andrea’s blend of personal strength and public support makes her a beloved figure among UConn fans and beyond.


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