Coca-Cola Heir Alki David Ordered to Pay $900 Million in Sexual Assault Case

Greek billionaire Alki David, heir to a Coca-Cola bottling fortune, has found himself at the center of yet another scandal. On Monday, a Los Angeles jury ruled unanimously against him, ordering him to pay $900 million in damages to a former employee identified as Jane Doe. She accused David of sexual assault and harassment over a three-year period.

David, known for his ownership of several companies, including Hologram USA, faces serious allegations. The company, known for creating holograms of deceased celebrities, became a hostile work environment for Jane Doe, leading to years of alleged abuse and harassment.

What Are the Allegations?

The abuse began in February 2016 when Jane Doe worked as a model for David’s companies. According to her lawyers, the office atmosphere was highly inappropriate, with rooms referred to in derogatory terms and offensive images displayed. David allegedly attempted to kiss her during a work trip to his private island in Greece, but after her rejection, he initially apologized.

However, Jane Doe’s troubles did not end there. She was laid off later in 2016 and did not hear from David until 2018. He invited her to rejoin his team as a brand ambassador at his cannabis company, Swiss-X. This reengagement led to further allegations of abuse.

How Did the Abuse Escalate?

After accepting the job at Swiss-X, Jane Doe was invited to David’s hotel room. He offered her a sample of what he claimed was a CBD product, which left her feeling intoxicated and disoriented. Taking advantage of her state, David allegedly masturbated in front of her and forced her to touch him sexually.

The situation worsened in 2019 when David allegedly raped her during a business meeting, with his Doberman pinscher present. This incident occurred while David was already on trial for another sexual harassment case involving a former employee, Mahim Khan, who was awarded $58 million in damages.

What Was the Jury’s Verdict?

The Los Angeles jury’s decision to award Jane Doe $900 million is a landmark verdict. Her attorney, Gary Dordick, emphasized the severity of the case, noting that David raped his client while he was already on trial for another harassment case. Dordick stated, “It’s so despicable, the facts of this case.”

This ruling marks another significant defeat for David, who has faced multiple allegations and legal battles over similar accusations. The jury’s unanimous decision underscores the seriousness of the charges and the impact of David’s actions on his victims.

What Is the Broader Impact?

The verdict against Alki David is not just a personal defeat but a broader statement against workplace sexual assault. Jane Doe’s case is one of several, with other employees also claiming David attempted to force himself upon them or retaliated against those who refused his advances.

Gary Dordick hailed the verdict as a monumental triumph for justice. He said it sets a precedent in the fight against workplace sexual assault, highlighting the importance of holding powerful individuals accountable for their actions. This case serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing issues of harassment and abuse in the workplace.

What’s Next for Alki David?

Following this latest verdict, Alki David faces significant financial and reputational damage. His history of legal troubles and accusations paints a troubling picture of his conduct in professional settings. The $900 million judgment is a substantial financial penalty, reflecting the severity of his actions.

As more victims come forward, the pressure on David will likely increase. His ability to navigate these legal challenges will determine his future both personally and professionally. This case underscores the importance of addressing and preventing sexual harassment in all workplaces.


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