Chace Crawford Girlfriend Who Is the Girlfriend Of Chace Crawford?

Chace Crawford, the 38-year-old actor best known for his roles as Nate Archibald in “Gossip Girl” and The Deep in “The Boys,” has long been a subject of fascination when it comes to his romantic life. With an estimated net worth of $6 million, Crawford’s charm and good looks have made him one of Hollywood’s most desirable bachelors. While his on-screen relationships were often filled with drama and chaos, his real-life romances seem to have been much more laid-back. Here, we delve into the details of Crawford’s confirmed relationships and rumored flings.

Who Has Chace Crawford Dated?

Carrie Underwood: The Country Star Romance

Chace Crawford’s most high-profile relationship was with country music star Carrie Underwood. The couple started dating in May 2007, a year after Crawford’s breakout role in “Gossip Girl.” Their romance was closely followed by fans and the media, and the two appeared to be smitten with each other. Crawford even flew out to visit Underwood on tour, showcasing his commitment. However, the relationship ended in April 2008. According to People, the breakup was initiated via text, with Underwood later confirming on “Extra” that it was a mutual decision and there were no hard feelings. Today, Underwood is married to NHL player Mike Fisher, with whom she shares two children.

Rachelle Goulding: The Long-Distance Challenge

In March 2013, Crawford began dating model Rachelle Goulding. The relationship started while Crawford was still living in New York City. The couple enjoyed a year of dating before parting ways in 2014. In an interview on “The Kyle and Jackie O Show,” Crawford described their breakup as amicable, saying, “We had fun.” The primary reason for their split appeared to be long-distance challenges, as Crawford moved to Los Angeles to focus on his film career while Goulding stayed in New York.

Rebecca Rittenhouse: On-Set Romance

Crawford’s next significant relationship was with actress Rebecca Rittenhouse, whom he met on the set of the 2015 television series “Blood & Oil.” In the show, they played a young couple, Billy and Cody LeFever. Their on-screen chemistry translated into real life, and the couple dated for three years before breaking up in 2018. Despite their split, Crawford and Rittenhouse remained on good terms, even being spotted walking Crawford’s dog, Shiner, together in March 2020.

Rumored Romances and Speculations

Erin Andrews and Ashley Greene: The Alleged Flings

Crawford’s dating life has also been the subject of numerous rumors and speculations. He was rumored to have dated “Dancing With the Stars” host Erin Andrews and “Twilight” actress Ashley Greene. However, these relationships were never confirmed by either party, leaving fans to speculate about the true nature of their connections.

Taylor Momsen and Lauren Conrad: Just Friends?

Another pair of rumored relationships involved Crawford’s “Gossip Girl” co-star Taylor Momsen and reality TV star Lauren Conrad. Gossip columns frequently linked Crawford to these women, but again, these rumors were never substantiated. It appears that Crawford maintained friendships with many of his co-stars and contemporaries, which often led to public speculation.

Chace Crawford’s Current Relationship Status

Dating in Hollywood: Challenges and Realities

As of the latest updates, Chace Crawford remains single. In a 2019 interview with Us Weekly, he mentioned that he had been “dating around a little bit, but, you know, nothing serious.” By 2022, he reiterated this status in an interview with Bustle, stating, “LA’s a tough [dating pool].” Crawford’s busy career and the complexities of dating in Hollywood seem to contribute to his current single status.

The Quiet Breakup: Crawford and Rittenhouse

In 2021, reconciliation rumors between Crawford and Rittenhouse emerged when they were seen vacationing together in Capri, Italy. However, these rumors were quickly debunked, with sources, including TMZ, confirming that the pair were just friends and part of a larger group of eight people on the trip.

Conclusion: The Laid-Back Love Life of Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford’s love life, much like his acting career, has been in the public eye for over a decade. Despite his high-profile relationships and the numerous rumors, Crawford has managed to keep his personal life relatively low-key and drama-free. His confirmed relationships with Carrie Underwood, Rachelle Goulding, and Rebecca Rittenhouse highlight his preference for maintaining amicable ties post-breakup. As he continues to navigate his career and personal life, fans remain curious about the next chapter in Chace Crawford’s romantic journey. Whether single or taken, Crawford’s charm and talent ensure he will always be in the spotlight.


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